Moses: 10 Plagues of Egypt activities

This is part 2 of our study of the plagues of Egypt, for part 1 head to Moses and the Plagues part 1 (original title, I know).

Moses and the plagues

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We’ve reached the second part of the 10 plagues, and this is where it gets difficult, because of the Passover.  It’s hard to understand how a GOOD God can allow the death of thousands of first born sons.

As I read it, there are two things that stand out to me.  One, a warning was given.  There were 9 plagues before this, and each time their leader, Pharaoh, went back on his word.  It’s a sad state of affairs, but often the people are punished for the sins of the leader (look at Enron, thousands of workers were hurt by the bad decisions of a few).  Second, I choose to believe some did listen to the warning.  It says several times in Exodus 11 and 12 they believed Moses, so if that is true, they may have done what he said to do.


But even so, there were many who died.  And it’s sad.  And  don’t understand it.  I can give you lots of theories and theological texts to talk about (I’d highly recommend watching Buck Denver Asks: What’s in the Bible? Volume Two – Let My People Go {affiliate link}, it gave the best explanation for these things that I’ve heard and it’s geared for young kids).


Anyways, let’s talk 10 Plagues activities, and what we did.

looking up 10 plagues discussion questions in the Bible

I’m sure I’ll be sharing pictures like this for a little bit, because I love to watch them reading their Bibles.  It makes me so happy.  They still need a lot of help, but it makes me happy. 

I’d been asked what Bible the kids have, and they have Adventure Bible for Early Readers, NIrV.  It’s got a larger print than usual and the NIrV is easier to read, there’s a few things I disagree with (they’re a bit more explicit in their translation, “Adam had sex with his wife,” rather than “Adam knew his wife,” which can lead to ‘discussions’).

To see more info on that check out: Choosing a Bible for Your Kids.

We got some great discussions this week:

  • was Pharaoh sorry when he said he was?
  • why did the Israelites eat with their shoes on?
  • what other times did God show his glory?  Very long discussion here.

Plague of Darkness game

Then we played some games.  The Egyptians wandered around in darkness while the Israelites could see just fine.  They kids really enjoyed being the blindfolded Egyptian trying to find the Israelite (a variation of blind man’s bluff).

Plague of Locusts craft

Then we made a locust to go with the plauge of locusts (I’d wanted to do a snack with this, but forgot to get the materials, so this was my improv).


Instructions are in the printable, but I was amused by their innovations on my design, we only had red pipe cleaners, so the kids painted them brown, and then they mixed the paint to get a muddy green, they said “looks more like a locust.”  Then Princess made a butterfly.


And then they got silly…………  Painting themselves.  This of course led to baths for all.  And my bath tub now is slightly brown from the mess.


The really funny thing is I thought of one more activity after the kids went to bed for the Plague of Hail, we didn’t complete it, but it’s in the printable.

Moses plague 2 storybook

As always click on the picture, or on Moses and the 10 Plagues part 2 to download your storybook.

Additional resources to use:

Buck Denver Asks: What’s in the Bible? Volume Two – Let My People Go

Classical Copywork Exodus.

Bible Road Trip

For more ideas on Moses check out our Moses category, or my “Exodus pinterest board” (it’s in quotes because it covers more than Exodus).  For more information about this Bible Curriculum head to my Curriculum page.

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