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You CAN disciple your kids

Years ago I sat down and said, “Just how do you disciple your kids?” I didn’t find any particularly good books, so I sat down and figured it out for myself. It involved searching every blog I could find on the topic, a lot of studying the Bible, and then reading a random assortment of books. I have good news for you, family discipleship does not have to be that complicated anymore. My friend Danika wrote an awesome book on child discipleship every parent should read. I’d recommend you give it to parents in your Sunday School class.

teach your kids to learn and love the Bible with child discipleship

(Danika gave me a free copy of the book, but all my opinions on the book are my own, and I used my affiliate link to her book).

Teaching Kids the Bible

If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time, you know teaching kids the Bible is a passion of mine. I have post after post talking about how to study Bible stories.

But when I sat down to read Help Your Kids Learn and Love the Bible, I found things I didn’t know.

This book may be written for parents just starting to disciple their kids, but I was reading and thinking, “Where’s my highlighter?”

Only my highlighter wasn’t there, so I committed a cardinal sin.

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I’ve since gone in and highlighted the parts that stood out to me.

Danika gives advice to get started for each age

Some of Danika’s advice may be hard to put into play. We didn’t have a nightly family Bible time, our schedules were a little crazy.

Instead, we had a weekly family Bible time, but the part of her advice I agree with:

Start your kids on a Bible reading plan.

Then talk to your kids.

learn and love the Bible family discipleship

That’s the key to any part of teaching your kids the Bible. Talk to them about what they’re reading, and ask questions.

When they ask you questions you don’t know how to answer, then you say that’s a great question, and let’s find out together.

And if you can’t find the answer together, then go ask someone else, and model for them how to find the answer.

You’ve read the book and want to take it further, what next?

I’m glad you asked that.

Danika put together a companion study for her book that you can pick up over at her blog store. It’ll give you worksheets and pages to work on with your kids as you apply what you learned in her book and read the Bible with your kids.

What are you waiting for, get to teaching kids the Bible!


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