Skeleton Unit science anatomy 3rd 4th 5th

Skeleton Unit



We finished up our skeleton unit with some really fun activities.  They’re a rather confused mish-mash of activities to help drive home the science lesson, but overall I think they helped the kids understand what we talked about in our overall anatomy unit.

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Learn about the bones in your body

Looking at how a skeleton works, the joints


First, we learned about joints using the chicken we were about to mummify.  The kids each took a turn identifying a ball and socket joint and a hinge joint.  They really enjoyed moving the chicken parts around.  Later, I called out different joints and had them figure out what type it was.  They thought that was another fun way to learn also.

Expect to get some videos of the kids identifying different joints and such when I put together my mummification post.  Right now the chicken mummy is sitting in a bag and slowly dehydrating.

Skeleton construction

make a skeleton picture
I’m going to be lazy and not update this one.

Next, we went through and put together a paper skeleton (the ones we used I found among my files from teaching, here’s a similar skeleton printable I found).  I had originally thought they’d glue it onto black paper for a cool effect, but the kids all took one look at it, dragged out the brads, and put together their very own skeleton puppet.  I had to rather laugh because I’d nearly printed it on cardstock so they could do that, but thought, “No, they’ll like this version.”  Shows what I know.

labeling a skeleton

Next, we filled out the skeleton page on the Junior Notebooking pages. I love these for giving your kids places to take notes and break it down section by section and then having pages like this which let them try to remember all that they’ve read.

Skeleton Unit: game


Finally, we played a game I’ve been hiding for 3 years (we played it once when the boys were in kinder, but a piece broke and I never opened the replacement copy): Skeletons In The Closet Game.  Can I just say it was a huge hit!  I love that it has several ways to play.


The variation we played was just an identifying game.  They spun it, and had to correctly name the piece, then find it amongst the skeleton pieces.


Eventually, you will spin a bone you already have, so then you draw a card that has various results, which my kids thought were fun.  One of the variations you can play you earn pieces by answering T/F questions.  We might try that next time.

I’m looking forward to pulling “Skeletons in My Closet” out again in a few weeks when we haven’t just been studying skeletons to see how much they remember.

Skeleton Unit science anatomy 3rd 4th 5th

Skeleton Unit books

Our skeleton unit was part of our overall Anatomy Unit using Apologia Anatomy. But there are a lot of amazing picture books you could use with this skeleton unit.

Of course, there are dozens more, and my library had at least another half dozen generic human skeleton books, and there are of course dozens of fictional skeleton books for Halloween.

Skeleton Unit

More great science ideas for kids

Hmmm… I think I’ll have a nice random selection of different science fields. Let’s see what I can dig up.


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  1. Mish mashes of activities are my favourite way of doing things. Love the look of that skeleton game. Thanks for hosting – it’s good to be back here.

    1. Glad to have you back!

  2. What a great hands on science lesson! Sammy would love playing with the chicken body to figure out the joints!

    1. Ha! I noticed my boys were much more into it than Princess.

  3. These are great activities. My bone-loving son would love them. Thanks for sharing them.

    1. Oh yes, I was surprised how big of a hit they were with my bone loving sons.

  4. Thank you for spotlighting my rainforest terrarium! The kids are still playing with it most days 🙂

    We’ll definitely be trying your skeleton activities when we study the body! I’m going to pin them so I can find them again when we’re ready for it! Thanks for sharing! Thank you for hosting the Science Sunday again! I’m looking forward to seeing the other great ideas posted on here too!

  5. MaryAnne @ mama smiles Avatar
    MaryAnne @ mama smiles

    Didn’t you mummify a chicken a couple years ago? I may buy a copy of that game – it sounds fun and educational!

    1. We did, way back at the beginning of anatomy when we read about the Ancient Egyptians the kids remembered our chicken mummy and asked about it, so I told them when we reached that point in history, we’d make one.

  6. It looks like an awesome game to have in your closet. The kids learn so well when playing games…

    1. Especially mine. It is an awesome game, and so much better now that the kids are old enough to mostly put the skeletons together on their own.

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  8. Wondering if you have a link to the skeleton you printed off for the kids to put together? Doing anatomy this year and next months presentation is the skeleton from my kiddos! Thank you!

    1. I’ll see what I can find. The one I ended up using is from my files from ages and ages ago, but I know I saw one on-line recently.

    2. Post is updated with a skeleton printable I found that’s similar.

    3. Lynette W. Avatar
      Lynette W.

      Thank you!

  9. My daughter is big into learning the names of the bones. This is great!

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