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The kids have been asking when we’ll get to the dinosaur chapter in our science, and I have to admit I might have skipped the dinosaur chapters in the other ones because they’re at the end, and I was bored with that science.


This year, I’m skipping ahead to cover dinosaurs.  Which led to some happy kids.


notebooking dinosaurs

We started reading the dinosaur chapter in Apologia Land Animals{affiliate link}  while eating breakfast at Rudy’s and they kids happily filled out all they learned about dinosaurs and how we first started learning about them.  Then we got to the dinosaur dig section, and I knew what we had to do.


Reconstruct our dinosaur dig from New Jersey on a grand scale.  Like go to the park and bury the “bones” in the giant sand pit………..


Then it rained, and rained, and rained.  And my pasta bones were going to be destroyed by the rain.


dinosaur dig in your home

I dug up a Dinosaur Excavation Kit{affiliate link} (the kits I had were small little ones), and they each got to dig out their own dinosaur.


What did they learn from our dinosaur dig?

  • First, it’s hard.  Really hard.  Even with that little bitty kit, it took them each a good 20 minutes to dig it out.
  • Second, it’s messy.  They were covered in plaster of paris, and had to wash a lot.
  • Finally, it’s rewarding to see what you can find.


My tips for a dinosuar dig

  • If you can do it outside, where you’re not worried about the mess.
  • If you can’t put down a tarp.  I ended up mopping the floor afterwards, not the end of the world, just not fun.
  • Along those lines, have them wear something they can get dirty.  Because they will be covered in dust by the end.
  • If you don’t want to buy a kit, make your own plaster of paris dinosaur dig.  I bought my kits before I figured out how EASY these are to make.


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10 responses to “Dinosaur dig”

  1. Everybody love learning about Dinosaurs! Your grand scale dig sounded fabulous but still any size dig is still a dig int he kids eyes isn’t!!

    1. That’s certainly true and the kids loved digging out their little dinosaurs.

  2. Lula B Avatar
    Lula B

    My kids’ favourite activities are always the ones that have me mopping the floor afterwards! Combine that with a dog, white floor tiles and wet weather this week and you get … well, mostly a dirty floor, to be honest! Thanks for hosting Science Sunday. Glad I got it together to post about our science and join in the fun here this week!

    1. Mine too! With all the rain that’s produced lots and lots of mud. So, I really should have mopped the house a couple of times, but I opted not to.

    2. Lula B Avatar
      Lula B

      Priorities 😉

  3. I’ve got zip to link up until tomorrow. I will be back……

  4. We have done those kits before, too. They are difficult. I want to do one like your pasta dig next year when we cover the ancients again.

    1. Ooohhhh, I should do that when we get back to the ancients, and bury random things and let them recreate the scene…..

  5. maryanne @ mama smiles Avatar
    maryanne @ mama smiles

    My kids would love a dino dig!

    1. Yes they would! Our weather has finally cleared up, so I should be able to share our park dino dig……

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