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Parable of the Pearl activities



In our Sunday School class the Parable of the Pearl is paired with the rest of the Parables of Heaven (like I said earlier), but I wanted to pull each one out and address the crafts separately rather than quickly gloss over them.

Parable of the Great Pearl lesson

Parable of the Pearl lesson

“The Kingdom of Heaven is like a great pearl.  When a man finds it, he will sell all he owns so he can have that pearl.”  (Ticia paraphrase [a paraphrase works from another English translation to make their own version], I had a Bible professor who read straight from the Greek New Testament to create his translation, it was AMAZING, his translation was filled with “dude” and “zap” and greatly influenced my paraphrase).

Jesus’ point is how much we should value heaven, and the great lengths a person will go to obtain their heart’s desire.  This parable reminds me of most great love stories in movies.  The hero will move heaven and earth to rescue his one true love, in the same way, that is the value of heaven.

Sadly though, I know my behavior doesn’t necessarily follow that.


Parable of the pearl activities

Parable of the pearl craft

Parable of the great pearl craft supplies: gray acrylic paint*, white pom pom (1/2″)*, pink felt (this is a multipack)*, paper tape* or blue tape* (they accept paint better than others), cardboard egg carton (go with cardboard, trust me on this one, the foam cartons the paint peels off)


If you want a printable version of these directions it’s all in the Parables of Heaven lesson, otherwise here’s the step by step.

cutting up my egg carton for the parable of the pearl craft
Notice this is not the first craft my egg cartons have fallen prey to.

First raid your fridge looking for cardboard egg cartons because you need them for the craft.  Then take a picture to defend your actions when your husband gives you that strange look, “See, it’s okay I did this, I had several people on Instagram and Facebook who understood why I needed to do this.” (Serious commentary, I highly recommend never using social media as validation for your decisions when talking to your spouse.  We should not be crowd-sourcing our decisions.  End mini-commentary, also Jeff is far too used to things like this to really give me any strange looks at this point in our marriage).

parable of the pearl craft

  1. Take two of the egg cups and cut them in a roughly half-spherical shape.
  2. Tape them together using the blue tape.
  3. Paint your new oyster shell.
  4. While the paint is drying cut a circular piece of felt and glue it inside.
  5. When the paint is dry use a thin black marker or pen to draw some lines to give the appearance of ridges.
  6. Place your pom pom pearl inside.

We had a small simulated auction to pretend we were the man selling everything to gain the pearl.  It was also a great way to talk about choices our family makes to put a priority on serving God and others.  We don’t go on certain vacations or certain places so we can save money to go to the Navajo and to give to local charities.  That is a way our family has chosen to put God ahead of what we might want.


Parable of the Pearl resources


7 responses to “Parable of the Pearl activities”

  1. I can certainly understand a “strange look”. Great craft to go with this parable.

    1. Yeah, poor Jeff, he never knows quite what to expect when he comes home.

    2. Yeah, poor Jeff, he never knows quite what to expect when he comes home.

  2. I love your craft. You have wonderful Sunday School lessons.

    Oh, and how well I know that look! Poor Mike would love to live in a sparsely furnished bachelor pad. Then he went and married the girl who brought a sewing machine to college instead of a computer.

    1. Jeff would too, and that was my intent to keep it sparsely decorated, and then kids, and life, and it didn’t happen.

  3. This is very cute and very effective! Another great share 🙂

  4. What a great craft! Thanks for the ideas. 🙂

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