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Part of what I want my blog to be is a great resource for teaching your kids about the Bible, and to show what has been working for me with my kids for family discipleship and in my Sunday School class.

Memory verse puzzles for you to make with your kids

Right now my Sunday School class of 3rd and 4th graders are working on memorizing 100 verses together as a group.  There’s a set of 12 verses that they are working on.  To help them practice I’ve made memory verse puzzles for them to put together.

How to make the memory verse puzzles

Hi! Future Ticia 2023 here, I’m updating with the new logo and realized I should probably expand this section a little bit, to start off, here is an official list of supplies.

Memory Verse Puzzles supplies

Memory Verse puzzle printable (this is in the subscriber section, join my newsletter) [you can also make your own memory verse puzzles], cardstock, sticky velcro (yes buy it in this giant roll, you’ll save money), laminate (find a local place to laminate it), 6×9 manila envelopes

Back to construction

It’s really simple to make, I print out the memory verse puzzles on cardstock, cut out each individual piece, grab the envelopes, and then take them down to Mardel (or wherever you would go to laminate) and laminate the cutout pieces.  I also laminate a manila envelope for them to go in.

Then I cut it all out of the laminating and stick velcro on the back of the verses and on the envelope.

Memory Verse Puzzles for Sunday School

Some tips for putting on the velcro:

  • The loop side of the velcro is best to go on the outside of the manila envelope. This way it won’t catch on things as you store it in a bag.
  • I would cut out the words and put slightly less velcro on the word than it needed.
  • Then I would put it on the loop side of the velcro and measure out so it would best fit on the back of the manila envelopes.
  • I would put a small piece of velcro to keep the envelopes closed.
  • If you are making your own using different memory verses (or different translation), if you look at the picture up above, you can see I cut out different sizes of pieces, and I will also sometimes have more than one word on a piece.
memory verse puzzle procedure

Sunday morning they put the puzzles together, and earn an M&M or Skittles, one, as in singular, for putting it together.  We spend about 15-20 minutes doing this every Sunday during the summer.  The kids love it, and they can rack up quite the candy stash between putting together puzzles and saying the verses (they get 2 pieces of candy for saying the verses).

I’m going through quite a lot of candy right now.  And I’m just fine with that.

how to use memory verse puzzles

It’s 12 verses we decided are helpful for encouragement, are good for presenting the gospel, and a reminder of how loved you are, and that you are here for a purpose.*


*It was very hard to narrow it down to 12, we actually had planned to only have 10 as the challenge, but we couldn’t narrow it down to 10.  There was still a lot of arguments on if this was the right ones.**

**I meant to publish this about 12 hours ago, but forgot to finish it, so HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!  And, next week I will be getting back to Moses………

And if you don’t want to use memory verse puzzles to practice, why not try Bible verse tracing sheets.

Memory Verse Puzzles for Sunday School and AWANA

And if you enjoy these Memory Verse puzzles, then you should check out my Memory Verse helps pinterest board because I’ve found dozens of ways to work on scripture memorization.



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  1. Okay – now that I can see the whole thing – I really like it. Using the manila envelope is genius!

    1. Thanks! I’m kinda partial to it myself 🙂

  2. maryanne @ mama smiles Avatar
    maryanne @ mama smiles

    Great idea! I do think your site is an excellent Bible education resource.

  3. Thanks so much for the wonderful free idea! This is my first time to your site and i will be checking out a lot more! Thanks again! Blessings! Carri

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