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Homeschool Valentine’s Day

I don’t know about you, but we are gearing up for Valentine’s Day.  As I was thinking about it I wanted to organize all of our Valentine’s Day posts into one place, and our ideas for Homeschool Valentine’s Day as part of my continuing Homeschooling through the Holidays.

Homeschool Valentine's Day

I’m going to admit right off some of my best Valentine’s Day activities came from stealing, I mean borrowing from others for ideas.  I’ve pinned most of these great ideas onto my Valentine’s Day Pinterest board.

Follow Ticia Adventures in Mommydom’s board Valentine’s Day for kids on Pinterest.

Valentine’s Day craft projects

When the kiddos were little I did lots of craft projects with them, not so much now as our homeschooling has gotten more intense, but we do still pull out craft projects from time to time.

Valentine's Day flower craft
who could resist this cute face?
  • Valentine’s Day craft necklaces– these are simple and fun to make, and a short time working gets you several necklaces, we gave them out at our Valentine’s Day party
  • Valentine’s Day flower card– It amazes me to look back at how little my kids are.
  • Valentine’s Day love bugs– We used some of our leftover hearts from the previous craft to make some bugs, they go great with the Valentine Bugs book
  • Valentine’s Day crayons– I ruined a cupcake mold making this, but it was still fun and worth it (okay, it’s probably not ruined, but I did need to wash it very well)
  • Kid-Made Valentines– My kids had so much fun making these, and pairing it with lollipops made it an even bigger hit.
Valentine's Day mixed media class

This year we are participating in the Valentine’s Mixed Media class, we had a lot of fun with the Winter Wonderland class (we are still working on some projects), and I like being able to outsource our art classes.  I highly recommend clicking on the picture below and joining us.

Valentine’s Day school projects

There’s a good deal of learning you can do with Valentine’s Day.  It can be as simple as putting your math problems on hearts (a big hit with my daughter when she was younger), or as complex as getting into graphing.

Valentine's Day graphing

Another bit of fun I want to try out this year is Frugal Fun 4 Boys kindness devotional, it was on my to-do list last year and we got behind, so I want to give it a go this year.

Valentine’s Day books

Valentine's Day picture books

Unlike Christmas and maybe Halloween there aren’t a lot of good Valentine’s Day books for older kids.  But, I have several that were wildly popular when the kids were back in preschool.

  •  Day It Rained Hearts– I love the imagination of this book, it just makes me smile all the ways she uses the hearts
  • Love Bugs Mini Edition– the bug books are silly and fun, that’s the only purpose
  • If You’ll Be My Valentine– the little boy in this book is so sweet, and he really wants a Valentine
  • Mouse’s First Valentine– I loved this book when the kiddos were little, it’s such a great way to work on predicting and figuring it out.
  • Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse!-I’m gonna confess we didn’t have this book when the kids were little, but I love this series and had to include it because of my love of this author
  • Valentine Mice! board book– there’s a whole series of these mice books for holidays, and I have owned at one point or another almost the entire series.
  • Calendar Mysteries #2: February Friend– Superman swears by the Calendar Club mysteries, and has collected almost all of these (I lied, there are a couple of early chapter books that I just remembered, we give our kids books for Valentine’s Day)
  • Ellie’s Lovely Idea (The Critter Club)– Princess is collecting as many of the Critter Club books she can, this was her first one and it is a Valentine theme book

Do you have any activities you do with your older kids for a homeschool Valentine’s Day?  These past few years I’ve felt bad because we haven’t really done as much for Valentine’s Day.  But this week I’m working to come up with more projects and ideas for us to do.


9 responses to “Homeschool Valentine’s Day”

  1. This is the first year the kids haven’t wanted to put out “mail boxes” and make cards for each other – they’ve either forgotten, or are outgrowing the holiday.

    1. Wow, that’s huge! It’s a little hard when they start to outgrow things isn’t it?

  2. Marie-Claude Leroux Avatar
    Marie-Claude Leroux

    So many great ideas!

  3. I am always amazed at how tiny my kids are looking back on posts too. So many fun crafts, and great books!

    1. I know! They’re so very little in some of those posts.

  4. Wowser, that’s a lot of ideas! I’m thinking maybe Valentines day isn’t so big over here. Do you have it on the same day as us (14th)?

    1. Yes we do. I”ve noticed Americans tend to get more into these “smaller” holidays than the British (and quite honestly most of the rest of the world) does. I think some of it is because of the rampant consumerism of the United States, and holidays like this are an excuse for people to buy presents or things like that.

  5. It’s fun to revisit prior years! Princess looks so tiny in one of the pictures. You highlighted some great ideas and books for Valentine’s Day!

    1. I know! I found some old videos of her at 2 years old and it’s amazing how much she’s changed from then.

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