homeschool saint patrick day landing elementary middle high

Homeschool Saint Patrick’s Day

I have to admit Saint Patrick’s Day isn’t one we do much with.  I’ve tried to bring it in, but it’s just never caught on with the kids much, aside from the books.  They loved our picture books. So, I’m going to rely on other people’s Homeschool Saint Patrick’s Day ideas to share with you, after all I don’t have to do something for every homeschool holiday.

homeschool activities for Saint Patrick's Day

Nevertheless, one of my goals for this coming year is to organize all of our holiday learning into one spot. Future Ticia 2024 did that, and now I have a Homeschooling and the Holidays location, and landing pages for each holiday. I’m so proud of that.

Saint Patrick’s Day crafts

I’m hoping to make a few Saint Patrick’s Day crafts this year, because I have to admit there are some fun ones, but so far I’ve got TWO, yes two. I should try making some shamrock crafts with them, that would be fun.

Saint Patrick’s Day learning ideas

Ireland Unit geography 2nd 8th Europe
  • Ireland lapbook– we learned about Ireland a couple of times, and the stew I’ve got in there is made regularly, but the beer bread, that is so ridiculously easy to tyr.
  • history of Saint Patrick– I love this lesson so much, it was fun to learn, especially since I have a friend whose daughter is named after his traditional Irish name (Maewyn)
homeschool saint patrick day landing elementary middle high

Saint Patrick’s Day books

I love Saint Patrick’s Day books because they’re usually full of magic and fairies.

I need to go by the library and see what other books there are now, says Future Ticia 2024, there are so many awesome books.

Saint Patrick’s Day picture books

Saint Patrick’s Day chapter books

I have two of them, but I figure it’s important to pull those out too.

  • Calendar Mysteries #3: March Mischief– Superman loves all of the Calendar Mysteries and I think has all of them, if not he has almost all of them.  They’re ridiculously easy for him to read now, but they’re comfort reading to him.
  • Ellie and the Good-Luck Pig (The Critter Club)– Princess swears by these books and has read as many of them as I will buy.  I’ve not read them personally, but she is finagling for as many as she can get.

For more Saint Patrick’s Day ideas check out my Pinterest board
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Homeschool Saint Patrick's Day lessons


12 responses to “Homeschool Saint Patrick’s Day”

  1. I didn’t know Tomie dePaola had a St. Patrick’s Day book. I always think I’m not going to like his books (not sure why, the illustrations maybe), and then I love them.

    1. He’s on my list of author/illustrators that I’m always willing to give his book a chance because he’s had such a good track record in our house.

  2. LOVE the peg doll! So cute!! I need to figure out my plan for St. Patrick’s Day 🙂

    1. I want to retry our leprechaun traps now that the kids are over, beyond that it’s reading a few of our books.

  3. Marie-Claude Leroux Avatar
    Marie-Claude Leroux

    Great list of books!

    1. Thanks! I’m always looking out for good holiday books because so many of them are just fluff.

  4. What great inspiration! Would you believe Gary is Irish and we do nothing? It’s not good I tell you!

    1. To be honest we don’t do much all that often.

  5. I love your peg doll! Leprechauns are very fun creatures.

    1. He is my absolute favorite peg doll I’ve made.

  6. The peg doll is beautiful! I haven’t even raised a topic of St Patrick’s Day yet – we had enough on our plate as is, with a science fair during that week.

    1. That’s more than enough to deal with.

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