10 gifts to inspire a love of history in your daughter

In case you can’t tell I love history.  I love to teach our homeschool history lessons and drag my kids to museums.  They don’t get much choice, but to be involved.  But, history doesn’t have to be boring.  These history inspired presents will get your daughter excited about history.


history inspired presents

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In no particular order I give you

History presents for a girl


Sometimes you need a doll to read with you. #homeschooling #ihsnet

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1.  Little House on the Prarie Doll

Princess just got this doll a few weeks ago (I received her to review) and she’s a big hit.  Upon opening her, she said, “She looks just like me.  She has brown hair, blue eyes, and FRECKLES!”  She was very excited about the freckles.  The doll hasn’t left her side for the past week or so, and it’s made me happy.  Side note, I love how sturdy this doll is.  We’ve got an official American Girl doll and it is NOT as sturdy as this one is. (I’ve got a giveaway of her down at the bottom)


2.  Historical doll clothes

This present only works if you can sew.  You can get patterns for all of the original American Girl dolls and sew them yourself.  If you can’t sew yourself, Queen’s Treasures also has some cute clothes for the mid-1800s.  There’s some on Amazon* for other time periods, but it’s very random what you can find.


3.  Pioneer cap*

This can be the basis for all manner of pretend play and frequently shows up in our house.

4.  American Girl Doll Movies*

These four movies are our favorites.  I don’t particularly like the Girl of the Year movies, but these I will happily watch with Princess over and over again. Bonus, my boys will watch these movies with us.


5.  Penny whistle*

Quite a few historical novels refer to penny whistles, and when I went to Colonial Williamsburg as a kid, I quite proudly bought a penny whistle like this one.


6.  Quill pen*

I bought this for myself on the trip I was pregnant with Princess.  Since then she has regularly absconded with my set to write with it.  To complete that set you might also get some sealing wax.

Civitas card game

7.  History board games

Okay, my daughter wouldn’t like these, because she hates board games, but I would have loved them.


8.  Dear America books*

I LOVE these books, and have about 20 or so of them between the girls’ and boys’ series.


9. Lincoln Logs*

Why not spend some time creating your own world to play in?  Let them build and imagine their own little world.


10. Colonial Costume*

While I made Princess’ costume when we headed to Williamsburg this time, I recognize not everyone wants to do that.  There’s some really fun costumes from 1700 on you can get.  Anything before that for kids’ costumes tends to be “Disney princess inspired” and offends my sensibilities for the purposes of historical costuming.  For sheer dress up, go for it (I will confess, this one barely passes the test for me, it borders on fiction as well).



I’m also joining up with the ladies from iHomeschool Network for even more Gift giving ideas!


11 responses to “10 gifts to inspire a love of history in your daughter”

  1. What a fabulous giveaway. Too bad I don’t have a smartphone for Instagram!

    I have to say I was really surprised at how well-made the American Girl movies are.

    1. I have been too. I was so excited when Caroline came out because I was hoping for a movie about her, but sadly it did not happen. They do have a movie coming out for the last two historical dolls though. I guess it’s easier to make movies set in the 50s and 60s than it is about 1812…..

  2. We were sent that Laura doll to review, too. She is lovely!

    1. I know! I really want the entire series of stuff.

  3. I didn’t even know these dolls existed! We love Little House! We also love the Dear America books and the American Girl movies. Great list!

    1. The Dear America books came out while I was in high school, and I fell in love with them, and started buying them then, even if I was “too old” for those books.

  4. My daughter was listening to the CD version of Little House on the Prairie yesterday. She has read the whole series and loves to listen to the CDs over and over.

    1. I should get the audio versions for my kids who are crazy for audio books. Thanks for that idea!

  5. I love that Princess got a doll that looks just like her (and therefore, quite similar to my daughter). Sadly, mine does not play with her American doll at all. But she certainly “digs” board games, and you always have great advice there.

    1. Plus side is you don’t have the never ending request for more doll accessories….. Though feeding a Lego habit can also be expensive.

      I’ve got a geography games guide coming up in a week or so, you’ll probably love.

  6. Some great ideas here!

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