Noah's ark envelope craft Bible Genesis

Noah’s Ark envelope craft

We’re continuing our trek through Genesis, and today we’re on to Noah’s Ark for Sunday School, last time we learned about Noah’s Genealogy. I love this lesson because there is so much to do and study with it!

Noah's ark envelope craft

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Why do we teach Noah’s ark to kids?

Have you ever thought how weird it is that Noah’s ark is one of those stories we always teach our kids?  It’s about a man who gets talked to by God, decides to build a giant boat in the middle of nowhere, no lake around.  Then it rains and everyone that isn’t on the boat is killed.

I’ve always thought it was kind of odd.  We sing cute songs about it and make cute Noah’s ark crafts (I have like 10 of them pinned, Future Ticia 2022 now has more like 40 ideas saved), but really it’s kind of sad.  He had 100 years to convince other people to come on the ark with him, and not one other person besides his sons and their wives would get on with him.


Uh oh, I committed a mistake

Hi, Future Ticia 2022 here, I’m actually in the middle of massively expanding my Noah’s ark unit. To do that I was studying the passage and looking at the cross passages that mention Noah. I was all set to talk about that 100 years to build the ark.

Do you know what I found?

Nowhere does it say it took Noah 100 years to build the ark.

The closest I could find was Genesis 6:3 saying I will limit their life to 120 years.

Somewhere along the way I was taught it took 100 years, but I can’t find that anywhere in the Bible. I wonder if this is something else we should blame the Victorians for?

Our starting Noah’s ark activities


After reading the story I set them to figure out how they would fit all of the animals in the ark.  I’ve always wondered, how did Noah put all of the animals in there.  Did he have a predator area and then a vegetarian area?  Or did he mix them all up by size?  It’s on my ever-expanding list of questions to ask God.

I even wondered it so much I ended up creating a Noah’s ark game, that’s rather like Tetris.

Supplies for the Noah’s ark envelope craft

Future Ticia 2022, I realized as I was rereading the post I never gave you the link to the printable. Ummm…. oops.

Noah’s ark printable (this is the first 4 Bible lessons as 1 giant storybook, the printables are at the end, page 84)

popsicle sticks, markers, envelopes, scissors, gluestick,

Make the Noah’s ark envelope craft

working on creating the Noah's ark envelope craft

Then we made a paper doll set for the kids to play with.  Last time we studied this we made a boat out of a milk carton.  This time I printed off the figures and we made a boat out of an envelope.

preschool Noah's ark craft

Since making it the kids have been taking their figures in and out and playing with them all the time.  Well, that is until they lost them a few weeks later………

Noah's ark envelope craft for Sunday School and homeschool Bible

That’s one proud little girl (love this picture!)

Coming Next: Call of Abraham

More Noah’s Ark crafts

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  1. maryanne @ mama smiles Avatar
    maryanne @ mama smiles

    I love that photo of Princess! Her ark looks great, too!

    1. Thanks! It’s one of my favorite photos I’ve taken of her recently.

  2. What a great idea for an activity! It gets them dreaming and imagining! I love it! Thank you so much for the idea and linking it up today with me!!

  3. Andrea @ No Doubt Learning Avatar
    Andrea @ No Doubt Learning

    I should have checked out your curriculum before I bought another one for the beginning of the OT last week…bummer!!!!

    1. Awwww…… Well I’m in the process of writing the NT right now, so that’ll be done probably before you need it. I’m having to go back in and fix some of the pictures from some of the OT lessons from before I was planning on publishing it, the work isn’t as good.

  4. I remember that Almost Unschoolers had a post explaining how it all worked. When I think of Noah’s Ark, I am always reminded of Pomp and Circumstance episode of Disney’s Fantasia. It’s my favorite.

    1. I’d totally forgotten that! I need to show it to the kids, it’s been so long since we watched it, and we used to watch it all the time.

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