Fearsome Floors board game

I mentioned I got several games for Christmas, and I’m slowly getting the right pictures for sharing how to play them and the end results of our thoughts on the game.  Fearsome Floors board game has been a big hit with our family and we’ve played it several times since I got it back at Christmas.

Fearsome Floors

Game play once it’s explained is very simple, and there’s some strategy, but not so much that you can’t play with your kids.


Fearsome Floors Board Game concept

You are a bunch of people who decided it would be fun to go explore the local mad scientist’s house, and you’re trying to get out before the monster eats you.


Fearsome Floors board game mechanics

Fearsome floors game pieces

You have between 3-4 pieces for each player (when there are more than 3 players you have 3 pieces to make game play move faster).  Your players can either move the amount on the white side or the black side (the two movements add up to 7).  At the end of your turn you flip your players over to the other side so you know how many movement they have.

After each player has moved their tokens the monster moves.  You draw a card and the monster will move anywhere from 3-10 spaces OR until he has killed 1-2 players.

Fearsome Floors monster movement

For the first half of the game if the monster catches you, then you just restart at the beginning, but in the second half of the game, once you’re caught you are dead.

The full monster movement is explained very well in the game, but there’s some fun complicating factors to protect or hurt you more.

Fearsome Floor components

  1. Blood patches (it’s a mad scientist’s house, go with it)- when you hit a blood patch you slide to the other end of it and the patch only counts as 1 movement.  This can be used very strategically by you to get further away or move columns to your advantage.
  2. Columns- these block the monster’s ability to see you, very important.  You can push the pillars in a straight line, but once they hit a wall you can’t move them any further, and they become rather useless.  You can not push a pillar with a player on the other side of it.
  3. Players, you can not push players.  They will block the monster’s sight of you, but they’re also near enough he might get you next.

Fearsome Floors house rules

Our Fearsome Floors Board Game House Rules

  1. On the first turn you are allowed to move 2 people into the house.  We house-ruled you cannot move your low movement people because it creates a block for movement and makes for a rather hard game.
  2. We decided it’s okay to have the monster kill someone on the first turn, it made for a more chaotic game, and for people to be more spread out, so we allowed the 1-2 kill moves to be used on first turn.
  3. We have not played the advanced rules yet.  We have introduced this to many different families, and so we didn’t want to throw too many changes in on them, so I can’t comment on the teleport or other aspects, yet.

Buying Fearsome Floors Board Game

Fearsome Floors {affiliate link}

Most local game stores will have it or be able to order it (Jeff got ours at Rogues Gallery here in Round Rock)

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6 responses to “Fearsome Floors board game”

  1. Interesting idea for a board game!

    1. It’s really fun, and rather silly which works well in our house.

  2. I’ll have to put it on my (rather long) list of games to buy!

    1. My list of games is rather long too…

  3. I can see this game working out very well in your house 😀

    1. You have no idea how well it works, it’s crazy how popular it’s been.

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