Creation Story Unit Bible Genesis

Creation story unit

For the entire time I’ve been blogging, I’ve also been writing Bible lessons in one form or another.  I’ve also been using Christian homeschool history curriculum that routinely covers the Creation story.  So, I’ve got lots of posts on the Creation story, and I figured to put them all together in one place in a Creation Story Unit.

Creation story unit

I also have a hidden purpose, I’m covering this topic next week in my Sunday School class and this is letting me review what I need to prepare ahead of time.

Creation story unit for preschoolers

Days of Creation book painting supplies

When the kids were in preschool/kindergarten we used My Father’s World, which starts off making a Creation storybook and from there does an entire Creation story unit.  But, their book was boring, so I made up my own version and shared it with ya’ll.

Creation study unit games

coloring creation story one page minibook talking about the creation of woman

These can be used for preschool or older depending on how you modify the game.  Most of the games revolve around my Creation story bean bags, but no matter how you plan it they make a good addition to a Creation story unit.

Creation Story Unit crafts

Oh my goodness, Future Ticia 2022 is adding in a whole bunch of new materials because I’ve written a whole slew of new ideas.

Creation story unit for elementary kids

Creation Story Unit Bible Genesis

These are the activities I’ve done since the kids were older, most assume some level of capability with writing.

Creation Story unit for homeschool Bible

Next in the story of Genesis is the Fall of Man, and all of the rest of the Genesis activities are found on the Genesis Family Bible study page.  Those are already all written, next up that I’m going to write is the book of Revelation.  Expect shenanigans.  And a video, because it’s that confusing.

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4 responses to “Creation story unit”

  1. This certainly brings memories from when Princess was so small 🙂

    1. I know! I was looking at some of those old pictures as I was updating those posts and thinking how much they’ve changed over the years.

  2. Princess is so little! Very adorable 🙂

    Lots of great resources in this post!

    1. Thanks! I was kind of amazed how often I’d written about that story.

      I miss the little girl sometimes, but then I think about what we can do now as compared to then, and I don’t miss it so much.

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