Noah’s genealogy, why do I care about Noah’s grandpa?

In our Sunday School lessons we’ve covered creation, fall of man, and now we’ve hit the “boring lesson,” Noah’s genealogy.

Why are genealogies important in the Bible

At first, I was tempted not to include this, but then God showed me why it’s there.

generations from adam to noah genesis 5 lesson

Supplies needed for Noah’s genealogy lesson

Noah genealogy lesson

First we read our story.  It’s fairly dry except for a few fun tidbits in there.

Noah's genealogy timeline

Then I unrolled our timeline.  I’m still putting it together, but for right now I’ve got black dividers about 6 inches apart that let me decide how far the span of time it covers is.  I still need to bind the edges and sew on some black velcro to be able to stick on the pictures and timeline people (update, it’s all done and I’ve got a fabric timeline tutorial).

Noah's genealogy Bible

Then we slowly started matching names and pictures together.  Occasionally I looked back at my Bible (on my phone) to double check facts.

Noah's genealogy measuring years

We cut ribbon and yarn to measure their lifespans.

Noah's genealogy multi-generation

It’s amazing how many generations are alive at the same time.  Before the flood it wasn’t uncommon for someone to live 800 years.

The thing to look for in genealogies in the Bible is what’s different.  That’s why we talked about Enoch for a long time.  He was different from all of the others in many ways.

Noah's genealogy lesson

That’s about the sum total of what’s written in the Bible about him.  He walked with God, he had a son at 65 years old, he lived 365 years, and he didn’t die.

We spent an entire chapter talking about several generations, covering thousands of years, and all that can be said for most of those people is they lived, they had kids, and they died.

That’s it.

The challenge I gave my kids, and my Sunday school class when we studied this, and the challenge I give you.  Live like Enoch.  Thousands of years later we remember him as the man who walked with God.  What do we remember Methuselah for?  He was old.  Do you even remember Lamech or Jared?

Noah's genealogy

Noah’s Genealogy resources

Next up on our story Noah’s ark. But for all of our Genesis lessons try out the Genesis Bible study page.  Or look for some ideas on pinterest:

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8 responses to “Noah’s genealogy, why do I care about Noah’s grandpa?”

    1. I love the dramatic effect of rolling out the timeline and letting the kids see it all laid out.

  1. Love the timeline. Anna noticed the reference to long lives in the Bible stories we read, but I am sorry to say that I refuse to accept that bit as a fact.

  2. maryanne @ mama smiles Avatar
    maryanne @ mama smiles

    I love your timeline!

  3. I want one!! That is SUCH a great time line! Did you make it? If so how? I just love how visual it is and how easily stored it would be.

  4. I really like the visual of seeing how many were alive at the same time – and the point about what is important in the long run – a life lived for God vs a long life – is still a very good one for us today – thanks!

  5. Love, love, love the idea of using the ribbons for the ages of each of these men. I think I might have to do that with some of our people on our timeline! 🙂

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