Genesis Sunday School lessons

Genesis the story of Beginnings

Everything in the Bible starts in Genesis.  It lays the groundwork for all the rest of the Bible, and has several important theological lessons to be learned.  This Sunday School unit has 13 lessons covering Genesis, complete with craft suggestions, storybook, questions, and more ideas for each week.

Genesis Sunday School lessons

Each of these posts covers how I taught these lessons at home with my family as part of our family discipleship, but I have also taught each of these lessons a couple of times in our Sunday School class at church as well.

“Pre-history of Man” Genesis Sunday School lessons

Creation story unit for elementary and preschool
  • Creation– God created the world in 7 days, now what are we supposed to do with it?
  • Fall of Man– How long did it take for man to disobey God?  How does this affect us?
  • Adam to Noah– Why do I care who Noah’s grandpa is?  Why does God include all of these genealogies?
  • Noah– How does Noah point to Jesus?  Why did God flood the world?

Abraham Genesis Sunday School lessons

Call of Abraham lesson
  • Abraham is called– Why did God choose Abraham?  Was he special?  Do I have to be special to be chosen?
  • Abraham and Lot– Abraham responded to 3 different problems in 3 different ways.  How do you respond to problems?
  • Abraham and Isaac– Abraham waited for 20 years for his son?  How long do you have to wait for God?

Isaac and Jacob, laying the foundation for the final unit

marriage of Isaac and Rebekah lesson

Joseph unit, the one everyone argues about

Potiphar's Wife Tag

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Genesis Sunday School lesson resources

These are different resources I used during our Genesis studies, or ones I have since found.  I’ve marked affiliate links with asterisks