Ancient Olympic Activities

Ancient Olympic activities

It’s always nice when things work out well, and this week things worked out perfectly.  We reached the Ancient Olympics just as the Olympics were gearing up in the real world, so it made our ancient Olympic activities for homeschool history even more fun for us.

recreating the ancient olympics

First we read the book to see what happened in the Ancient Olympics.  We learned the Greeks treated their Olympians much like we treat our modern day Olympians, they’re heroes to be fawned over and obsessed over.

Greek heroes

Look at that noble hero there.  I mean he practically walks on water and has everyone fawning over him.

ancient Olympics activities javelin toss

We started off our events with the javelin toss, and the kids loved getting out their spears from Duct Tape Warfare to see who could throw the farthest.  Batman won that competition by a hair.   From there we went to our next event:

Ancient Olympic racing

Racing, who wouldn’t love to race their siblings, especially when I weighted it so Princess stood a fighting chance.  She beat out Batman by a hair, poor Superman tripped for a second.

ancient Olympic sport of sock wrestling

Then we did the ancient sport of sock wrestling, freely stolen from Phyllis’ post on the Olympics.  This event ended in a tie between the boys, Princess gave up because she decided it was too violent.

ancient greek olympics long jump

Then came the long jump which Superman won in a jump off.  It was a lot of fun for me to get the pictures of this one.

Olympic Victory Wreath

At the end of it all we made our own victory wreathes to wear.  Which the kids wore briefly and then headed off to play, but it was fun.  It’s super simple to make.

Supplies {these are affiliate links}: Fiskars 8-Inch Softouch Spring Action Titanium Nitride Scissor (these are my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE SCISSORS), and for the kids who aren’t allowed to use my nice ones: Fiskars Scissors (I’ve had the best quality from Fiskars and ONLY buy them), green Chenille Stems, and green Felt

  1. Cut out about 200 leaves, it was probably only 50.
  2. Cut two small slits in the middle of each leaf.
  3. Twist the pipe cleaners together.
  4. Start sliding the leaves on, trying to stagger different sized leaves.
  5. Rearrange them to make them look nice.
  6. Finally (no picture for this) wrap the pipe cleaners together at the other end to make a wreath.


Pose in your awesome creation, while looking somewhat bemused at your Mom.

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24 responses to “Ancient Olympic activities”

  1. How fun! I love that you created a “handicap” to give Princess a chance to win. She looks very pleased with herself in her wreath!

    1. She was so pleased with herself. The handicap really helped her enjoy it more.

  2. We are doing the Olympics this week, too! I don’t think we will actually do the games this time, though. It looks like they had a ball.

    1. They really did, and your sock wrestling was a big hit.

  3. I love your wreath craft!

    1. Thanks! I’m thinking of making some fairy versions for Ren Fest.

  4. What fun!!! Looks like everyone had a good time!!

    1. It really was, and handicapping the boys on an event or two really let Princess feel like she had a chance.

  5. Sock wrestling looks like so much fun! I love the wreath.

    1. Sock wrestling was a blast!

      Thanks! I love the wreath too, and I’m already thinking of some fun variations on it, like adding flowers and maybe some ribbon.

  6. That is a great noble hero picture! The sock wrestling sounds like lots of fun. I would love if you would link up with me

    1. Thanks, I had fun fiddling with the picture and making it look like that!

  7. Looks like a lot of fun was had!

    1. It was a blast!

  8. Love the victory wreath – we tried making one when exploring Greece, and I wish I had had this tutorial!

    1. Well, if you ever cycle back…… But, there’s so many countries to explore, it’ll be hard to cycle back, especially with all you do when studying a country.

  9. And you thought you wouldn’t be celebrating the Olympics! Ha! ;0)

    1. I know, I guess I ate my words 🙂

  10. Oh, Ticia! So much fun in just one post! Love the wreathe, and the long jump picture is class, but I particularly loved the whole concept of sock wrestling! My children were so deprived, we only did the bog standard stuff at our ancient Olympics, but sock wrestling would have been so much fun!!

    1. I freely admit to stealing that idea from Phyllis who did it last time around with her kids.

      I adore the long jump picture, I so rarely time pictures right to get that aerial shot it made me happy to see it.

  11. Good timing in your studies! Thanks for sharing at Trivium Tuesdays!

  12. Little boys Sock wrestling sounds like tons of fun !!!

    1. They loved it!

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