A-Z of Hands on History Day 3

A to Z of hands on history, Knights, Sons of Liberty, Map it Out, Native Americans, and Orbit


K is for Knights, what is a study of history without some knights

Make a cardboard castle for your knights to live in with the Imagination Tree

Make milk jug armor with Layers of Learning, no it won’t really protect you, but it’ll look cool!

make swords to go with your armor

Go to a Renaissance Festival and see Knights in real life!

host a knight adventure party

make a knight lapbook

learn about the Tudors with All Things Beautiful

Learn about the Norman Conquest with All Things Beautiful

And about knights in general with All Things Beautiful

learn about Celts, who were in the same time period with Angellicwags, I had to throw her in here like this because they’re ABOUT to study knights………

Make a paper bag knight helmet for a quick round of play with Rainy Day Mum

Make a cardboard shield with Rainy Day Mum


L is for Liberty, Sons of

coloring pages for the Boston Tea Party

Sam Adams, a Son of Liberty

learn about the Tea Party

Lexington and Concord, which is a side effect of all their plans

which was made possible by Paul Revere’s famous ride


M is to Map It Out

I have a lot of geography ideas on pinterest: general geography, geography: state studies, and geography: country studies; but here’s some ideas to get you started

Learn about geography with this great book.

Make a salt dough map, anyone else remember this project from school?

Make a “Me on the Map book” Or this one from Living Life Intentionally

Milk and Cookies has a guide to the Ultimate Homeschool Geography

Make a town guide

Here’s some country studies: Peru, South America (continent, duh), Brazil, China

Here’s some state studies: Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arkansas and Michigan, Delaware

How to plan a 50 state study

50 states snacks party

From Sea to Shining Sea

Glittering Muffins also has several different series to help learn geography


N is for Native Americans

make a tee-pee to act out your history from Frugal Fun 4 Boys

Learn about Kaya, the American Girl Doll with Creekside Learning (Princess will LOVE this!)

Make a Dreamcatcher with Crystal’s Tiny Treasures

Make a canoe, the perfect size for a Lego guy; I think this could also be great for Lewis and Clark

Make a sweat lodge, today you’d pay a lot of money to go in one of those for “health reasons”

make Bannock, a traditional dish

compilation of several projects over at All Things Beautiful

make a map of where all the tribes were


O is for Orbit, the moon race

make your own space rocket with the Nurture Store

Learn about things orbiting our world as a result of the Space Race with Creekside Learning

Make an edible Mars Rock (or it could be a moon rock) with the Fairy and the Frog

35 Space Based Ideas to Celebrate the Mars Landing, can easily be adapted to learning about the moon and trying to get there ahead of Russia

Space Race video and article, I’m going to need to come back here when we reach this point in a few months

Star Trek!  Because it came out of the Space Race and our determination to reach the moon

Space Race website, they have SOOOOOO much information, you can spend hours there


Get more generic space ideas from my Astronomy pinterest board



Monday, January 7- A-E Athens…….

Tuesday, January 8- F-J Founding Fathers……..

Wednesday, January 9- K-O Kings……

Thursday, January 10- P-T Pantheon………

Friday, January 11- U-Z US history…………

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A-Z of Hands on History, day 2

hands on history founding fathers, George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, Independence Hall, John Adams

F is for Founding Fathers

What Would the Founding Fathers Think?What Would the Founding Fathers Think: I was given this book to review, and LOVE it.  It does a great job explaining all about what their original plan was for our government and what it was built on.


It’s written on about a fourth grade reading level, I’d say, and walks you through a simple and entertaining explanation of original intent for the first half of the book.  I CAN’T WAIT for my kids to be old enough to read this, because the style of writing really reminded me of Jean Fritz, and the content is one of the things I want my kids to get from learning US history, what the ORIGINAL intent was.


The last half of the book is the Founding Father’s commentary on the current state of our government, which of course, they don’t agree with.  I thought it was a great commentary and well done.  Even if you don’t agree with their thoughts on the current state of government it is a great read for their thoughts on government at the time of the founding.  I could seriously gush about this book for another page or two, but then I’d have an even ridiculously longer post.


To go with this book, here are a few of the Founding Fathers to learn more about and places they were in:


G is for George Washington

and the American Revolution- a sensory bin to play with it from 3 Dinsoaurs

Make a cotton ball wig and pretend to be George Washington again from 3 Dinosaurs

Visit Mount Vernon and see where he lived, then go to their website and have a blast playing around there……. I am such a nerd. Or read about another visit with Busy Kids, Happy Mom.

Learn about Valley Forge, where he kept the troops together despite all odds

read about his teeth, and the sad story of how he lost most of them, remember kids, Brush your teeth

Make George Washington’s camp for Valley Forge


Check out the George Washington Pinterest board, which has all sorts more ideas.

Washington crossing the Delaware with All Things Beautiful and crossed it again at The Pleasantest Thing.

Make a pocket for what George Washington holds with All Things Beautiful.


H is for Alexander Hamilton, first secretary of treasury

create a timeline of his life

write a poem or story about him

see the museum exhibit about him

color a picture of him


because it amuses me



I is for Independence Hall where we signed the Declaration of Independence

visit Independence Hall

make a Liberty Bell like the one that hangs outside of Independence Hall and read Saving the Liberty Bell (On My Own History)



J is for Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence

read about his life, honestly you could read this author for any of the Founding Fathers

visit Monticello, be impressed by the architecture, and think he’s a little odd at times, then go to their website and discover a wealth of MORE information

Read about his friendship with John Adams in Those Rebels, John and Tom , interesting random fact, they both died on the same day…………



For more ideas on US history, visit my pinterest board on US history.

Monday, January 7- A-E Athens…….

Tuesday, January 8- F-J Founding Fathers……..

Wednesday, January 9- K-O Kings……

Thursday, January 10- P-T Pantheon………

Friday, January 11- U-Z US history…………

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A-Z of Hands on History, Day 1

A to Z of Hands on History; Athens, Bible, Chaldeans, Darius Egypt

A is for Athens, Ancient Greece

Archimedes– Re-enact his famous experiment and discover density.  No need to also run through the streets naked, or another idea for Archimedes

Battle of Marathon– run a marathon yourself and see how that poor messenger felt.  To really enact it, put on full armor

Aesop’s Fables– make a pop-up version of your own book

Make a Greek pot– Decorate your own heroic scene

Olympics– Recreate the first Olympics in your own home, we also as a lark made the Cleaning Olympics one day.  All Things Beautiful has a great Olympics post also.

Minoans– learn about the Minotaur and the scary maze they had, and this cute page on Theseus

Make a Greek mask– Is it for Tragedy or Comedy?  I don’t really know of a lot of Greek comedies…….

Pythagoras– Learn about geometry a fun way

Build an ancient Greek temple– Out of Legos, that makes it even more cool!

Make a board game about the Trojan Horse– Because who doesn’t like that story in history?

Atlantis– myth or reality?


B is for Bible, because it is ancient and a historical document

Hebrew Kingdoms– the different dynasties and some fun puppets

I’m gonna be lazy for this and point you to my 75 ways to Teach Your Kids About the Bible


C is for Chaldeans, or Babylonians

Fall of Jersualem– to the Babylonians, also called the Chaldeans

make cuneiform tablets– out of cookie dough and eat the cookies!

Hammurabi- one of the law systems our Constitution is based on


D is for Darius the Mede, who was a Persian

Persian invasion of Greece– act it out with soldiers

Build roads– like Darius 1 did.  Always a hit because you can use your toy cars

Power of Persia– I love the oceans she made to act these out


E is for Egypt, who doesn’t love Egypt?

Make a mummy doll-This is the quick and easy project to learn about Egypt, for the more involved…….

Make a chicken mummy–  I had a mummified chicken sitting on my counter for 2 months.  All of my guests were quite impressed.

Ancient Egypt Coloring pages– Because my kids love to color things

Make a cartouche– because who doesn’t want hieroglyphic jewelry?

Create a pharaoh’s mask– color your own mask

make bricks- because who doesn’t like playing in the mud?

make papyrus– it’s like making paper

explore King Tut’s tomb– I want to go on an archeological dig…..

Round up of Egypt ideas– from one of my favorite history (and in general sites) All Things Beautiful

Make pyramids out of rice krispy treats– yummy yummy, and then go to the dentist to clean your teeth

Egyptian art lessons– bring your art studies into your history

Make your own headdress and collar– All the cool kids are wearing it

Ancient Egypt map– because illuminated maps are way cooler than normal ones


Monday, January 7- A-E Athens…….

Tuesday, January 8- F-J Founding Fathers……..

Wednesday, January 9- K-O Kings……

Thursday, January 10- P-T Pantheon………

Friday, January 11- U-Z US history…………

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