American History Lessons

US History

Since we live in the United States we of course are going to spend a fair amount of time learning about the country we live in, and we also are spending a fair amount of time studying the different states.

US history for homeschool

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Colonial American History Lessons

Colonial America lesson plans
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I had so many ideas for Colonial America, I turned this into a landing page to keep this from being forever and a day long, so I give you Colonial America lessons, the best way to start off our American history lessons.


American Revolution History Lesson

American Revolution unit study for elementary
Yes, I like this painting from the American Revolution, it’s called Spirit of ’76

Towards the end of the Colonial period of American history, they started getting a bit anxious and that’s how we got the American Revolution. Again, it’s a fun period to study, so we’ve got quite a few American Revolution history lessons.

Early Republic history (founding to 1812)

War of 1812 History Lessons

Westward Expansion American History Lessons (1820s-1880s)

I have a generic Oregon Trail Unit that I need to update to include a few of these posts, at which point I will delete all of these links to keep this just a little bit more concise.

Civil War History Lessons

Battle of Gettysburg history Civil War US history Modern

Gilded Age early 1900s American History Lessons

World War 1 American History Lessons

World War 1, the war to end all wars, is a much-misunderstood war, primarily because no one is quite sure why everyone is fighting. It also set the stage for much of the last 100 years of history, so take some time in your World War 1 Unit.

1920s and Great Depression History Lessons

World War 2 American History Lessons

world war 2 movies for your whole family

We all know about World War 2, Hitler, Nazis, The Bomb, Concentration Camps….. Turn this hard time into a collection of hands on lessons to drive home the tragedy with this World War 2 unit.

1950s-1970s American History Lessons

US history ideas and activities to teach your kids