Settler of Catan: Star Trek review

To continue the Settlers of Catan series, which has one more post in it today I’m going to do a quick “Settlers of Catan: Star Trek review.”

Settlers of Catan Star Trek Review and Tips for young kids

The game play is similar to Settlers of Catan (the original), so if you’re unfamiliar with the game play I would suggest checking out the original review linked above.

Settlers of Catan Star Trek review

In this version you are a starship captain exploring the galaxy and establishing starbases while exploring for oxygen, trilithium, dilithium, and food supplies.  As before the scarcity is determined by the number rolled, and it relies on luck to roll the correct number.

That’s the same so far right?


Here’s where it gets different:

Settlers of Catan Star Trek review

Each person playing gets a character from Star Trek to be.  These characters have special abilities that you can use up to 2 times and then you HAVE to switch it for a different character.


For example, Janice Rand allows you to perform trades at a better rate regardless of where your bases are, you choose what type.


Scotty because he is the brilliant engineer that he is, can build starships with one random material.  This makes it much easier to build roads.


Spock when his ability is used lets you receive a material of your choice if you did not get anything on this turn.


They all are very powerful depending on when you have them or play them.


I really enjoy the added game play from this variation, it makes some of the frustration of not rolling the right number go away.


Tips and Tricks for playing with kids

  • Included in the rules is a recommended layout for beginners, I’d use this layout.  The distribution of goods is a bit more equitable and it makes building resources easier, so you aren’t stuck with 10 oxygen, but no dilithium.
  • As with other versions of Catan, the Klingon (this game’s version of the pirate) does not take a resource from the player, but from the bank.  Not that the kids are older it does blockade the particular place.
  • Cards are played face up, so everyone can help the other player.
  • Start out with the resources for all of your bases, this jumpstarts the game and moves you along faster.
  • As with any game played with young kids, talk through why a move is or is not a good idea.




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