Science Sundays

Science Sunday is a weekly meme where moms from all over the web link up and share what they are doing with their kids for science activities. Not sure where to start? Here are some ideas to get you thinking of things to post for Science Sunday:

1. Experiments, that one’s a given, but what do you do with your kids to learn about science.

2. Observations, where you notice or your kid notices something new about the world, it could be where you find a bug and go learn more about it. Or it could be where you discover something new about how gravity works.

3. Cool books or toys. There are lots of great books, toys, and games that have science themes. I’d love to see what your kids loves, or a parent resource you’ve found that helps you figure stuff out.

4. This is not something that has to be a specific subject. I struggle to participate in linkies that have a specific theme, because it may not fit what I”m teaching, but if it’s just here’s science, it’s a lot easier for more people to participate.

5. Oh, and I almost forgot, this is also a place you could link up nature studies, because studying nature is a form of science. There are whole schools that use that as a basis for their science.

If all else fails link it up, and if I don’t think it applies, I can email you and we can talk through your thinking. At the early elementary age there is a lot of crossover between art and science (take the eye dropper activity, that is also science because it’s observing how things interact).

Want to link up? Grab a button below to put in your sidebar or blog post and thanks for sharing!

Science Sunday


8 thoughts on “Science Sundays

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  2. Your students might enjoy my beekeeping website, “…of Bees, Beekeepers, and Food.” ( I created that website several years ago, so all of the links may not be working by now, but there is some great information there. Many teachers use it already. I also learned of a new beekeeping website yesterday at

  3. So pleased to have discovered your blog and the Science Sunday blog hop – really looking forward to joining in properly once Christmas done – although have tried to do some vaguely science Christmas things including growing bulbs and collecting fir cones, which was a great opportunity to talk about seasons, deciduous & evergreen and all the fabulous insects who we found inside the cones :-)

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