Quick easy math review game



I’m sure you’ve all done things like this.  Previously we’ve rolled giant dice and added the numbers then run to the chalk number on the floor.

Now, we’re practicing counting for money (nickels, dimes, quarters) using a ball.

Just throw it in a circle and count whatever it is you’re practicing.  Here we’re counting quarters.  The kids much prefer to count pennies.

As a side note, this ball is actually from when I was teaching.  You’re supposed to solve the math problem that is closest to your right thumb.  Good for practicing left and right, and hand eye coordination as you’re throwing it around.  My second graders loved it.

I’ve got similar ones for elements of story.  Those ask all sorts of reading questions.  I need to get them out for my kids.


4 responses to “Quick easy math review game”

  1. MaryAnne K Avatar
    MaryAnne K

    That ball is awesome! I'm not surprised that your kids prefer to count pennies 🙂

  2. Phyllis Avatar

    Great ideas. I love the ball. Your guys will be second graders before you know it! If your kids would get to keep the money, they would prefer quarters. 🙂

  3. Christy Avatar

    My kids would love that ball. We have been working on coins with Reagan lately. She does well, but always gets tripped up on using coins to make amounts in the teens – I have no idea why this stumps her.

  4. You have the neatest teaching tools! I am sure your kids are having a blast with this ball.

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