Moses crossing the Red Sea activities

Crossing the Red Sea activities

I’ve always found this part of Moses’ story rather amazing.  The Israelites have just seen God do all of these amazing things, and their first thought when they see the Red Sea is “We’re going to die!”  God just did 10 amazing miracles, and that’s your first thought?  I know we’re all like that, but it still amazes me.

This week, for our Red Sea activities we focused a lot on acting it out.  I actually had about three crafts planned, but the kids had made such a huge mess we spent most of our allotted time cleaning and getting space to do our Red Sea activities.

Crossing the Red Sea activity

My overly dramatic kids loved the chance to act out the story for me.  The shock as they saw the “Red” Sea of blankets, then the solution, all 3 Moses (Mosi?) raised their staff in the air, and the Israelites hopped across on dry land.  Then sadly the Red Sea collapsed on the Egyptian army wiping them out.

The kids loved it, but wait there’s more to the story.  Thematically, the Israelites, didn’t just complain once…… No…….  It was multiple times.  They also complained about water, when I tell this to my Sunday School class this is a walking lesson, and we stop at different points to act out parts.  When we get to the bitter water, I give each of them a small eye dropped of vinegar on their tongues…..

The faces they make, and boy are they happy to get the water I give them after.

mana from heaven activity

But this was the kids absolute favorite activity.  We played this game several times, and it’s been a big hit in my Sunday School class as well (there we make it more difficult with some challenges added in).

I grabbed a couple of empty cans, and a shoe box full of pom poms.  Then I spread it all over the floor and called mana from heaven, and the kids came running and filled their cans.

*To make it more difficult in Sunday School different teams can only get a specific color of pom pom.*

pom poms for mana game

One of the times Superman left two cans full of pom poms, which led perfectly to my changing one out for a can of “bad mana,” and boy was he upset to see his mana had gone bad.  But, it led to a great discussion about obedience, and when God (or Mom) says do something, there’s usually a reason behind it, not just our trying to be mean.

He wasn’t entirely convinced, but I could see his mind working through it, and that’s good enough for me.

Moses Israel Complains

As always you can get the book, activities, discussion questions, and more by clicking on the picture above or clicking on Crossing the Red Sea activities, story, and more.


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Buck Denver Asks: What’s in the Bible? Volume Two – Let My People Go

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For more ideas on Moses check out our Moses category, or my “Exodus pinterest board” (it’s in quotes because it covers more than Exodus).  For more information about this Bible Curriculum head to my Curriculum page.

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