Moses and the Burning Bush Activities

I had a lot of fun as I researched Moses and the Burning bush activities.  There’s a lot of fun crafts out there to do, mostly involving making your own version of the Burning Bush.

looking up Moses and the Burning Bush

I’m gonna start off saying, I’m tickled as can be that my kids are finally at the point where they can answer the middle kids questions.  It just warms my heart to see them reading the Bible to figure out the answers.


moses and the burning bush activities studying snakes

The timing of this story worked well because we are also studying snakes right now in our science, so we got to look at snake skins under a microscope, and are still planning a field trip to look at snakes at the pet store.

moses and the burning bush activities study a fire

Then we studied fire.  There’s two reasons for this activity going with Moses and the Burning Bush, first because just like in the title God appeared in a burning bush, and we wanted to compare the burning bush to how fires acted.  The big difference, the fire we built constantly needed more added to it to keep burning, but the fire God spoke through, never needed more added.  {Side note, just as God is complete in and of Himself}.

Second, we talked about our spiritual life.  What does a fire need to grow and keep burning?  If you leave a fire alone, what happens to it?  Well, that fire is just like our faith, if we leave our faith alone it dies, but we can feed our faith just like we feed the fire.  We can go to church, we can read our Bible, we can sing songs to God.  The kids loved this comparison.  That part may not be strictly from Moses and the Burning Bush, but I felt it was a good reminder.

Moses and the burning bush prayer journal

Finally we made a prayer journal, which the kids thought was super fun because they got to tear up paper.  Complete instructions are in the storybook, so I’m not going to explain it here, but the kids all enjoyed creating their own version to write in.

Moses and the burning bush activities story and discussion questions

To download your free copy, click on the picture above.

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    • says

      They can read it with a LOT of help. They have an NIRV Adventure Bible, well the boys do, Princess has the same thing, but Princess. I wanted to get them an International Children’s Bible (ICB), but they didn’t have a big print version, and the big print was more important right now.

      I have a few problems with NIRV because they are a bit more explicit in their descriptions, for example, “Adam had sexual relations with his wife,” rather than “Adam knew his wife.” I’d rather the second at their age……. Or in general.


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