Genesis: Abraham and Isaac activities

Abraham Isaac activity

We finished off the unit on Abraham this past week with a lesson where he FINALLY got his child he’d been promised.


Of course, Abraham being the imperfect man that he is, he tried to fix it all on his own.  This led to a few problems……….


Actually this story in Genesis is important to 3 major religions: Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.  The interesting thing to me is they all have a different take on it.

Abraham and Isaac activity

Judaism looks at this story as showing Isaac is the chosen child.

Islam (and I may be wrong on this, it’s been years since I read the book, so tell me if I am) looks at this story as proof that Ishmael was God’s chosen child.

Christianity looks at this story and sees Isaac as the forerunner of Christ, willing to lay down his life because his father asked him to.


All that to say, it’s a fun story.  There’s love, drama, intrigue, and conflict.  All the makings of a great story.

God who sees collage

One of the great parts of this story, to my mind, come when Hagar runs away and God calls her back.  She calls him the God who Sees.  So we made a collage about this, in the lesson I was going to have them make a booklet with other names of God, but that was when my printer was on the fritz, and the kids were not up for a big long bout of writing that day, so we just did the craft.


God who sees craft

I think their collages turned out pretty good.  I thought the lion eyes was a fun touch, and made me think of Aslan.


We also did some talking about babies, the importance of names, and how to get along, but I have no picture of that.  It’s just us sitting and talking.


Then we got to the craft for the sacrifice of Isaac.  It’s an amazing story of trust and love, that I don’t know if I could go through with, but Abraham did.  Only to have God rescue him in the end, and bring a ram for the sacrifice.  So we made our own sheep.


Which I think turned out pretty cute, don’t you?  How do you teach difficult stories and ideas to your kids? We do a lot of talking through when we get to stories like this.


To get your own Abraham and Isaac lesson click here.

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