Freebie: The Christmas Storybook

I’ve put together a 4 week Bible study to do with your family.  There’s one for each week of Advent starting with Jesus’ family tree and going through the wise men visiting.


Lesson 1 covers Jesus family tree


Lesson 2 covers the birth of John the Baptist


Lesson 3 covers the new of Jesus coming


Lesson 4 covers the shepherds, wise men, and others who see Jesus after he’s born.


Each week has discussion questions for pre-schoolers, elementary age, and teenagers to adults as well as activities, crafts, and links to more ideas I found online.


I say all this to let you know, we’re taking a break from Genesis for December to concentrate on Christmas……..  I’m a sucker for Christmas, I’ll admit it.


Download it here

For more information on my Bible Curriculum head on over the the Bible Curriculum page.

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11 thoughts on “Freebie: The Christmas Storybook

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  4. Thank you so much SO SO MUCH for providing this to us readers free of charge! I was thinking of doing something similar to this on my own for the sunday school class i teach for these weeks leading up to Christmas, and then i found this post! what a help and blessing!!!!!

    • I’m glad it’s helpful! We’ve used this unit in our 3/4 grade class for the past 3 or 4 years and it’s always a big hit.

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