Camden Playground, Janesville, WI


Or at least that’s the closest address I can find for this super cool park! I think this is truly one of the best parks we’ve been to in a while.

Usually I try to get close-ups of my kids, but I just had to include that cool castle and dragon in the background. I think once I saw that I was sold. Okay, it may be because I really love wooden playgrounds. It seems like wooden playgrounds have a lot more to explore and see what’s going on.

Batman trying to scoop up dirt. I really should have labeled these eariler, so this is my best guess of who it is.

I think those digger things are really great for working on muscle control it takes a lot of different muscles to make them work properly.

How’s that for a cool see-saw? One that fits the whole family. Apparently this park was built to include all kids, including ones in wheelchairs, so that’s why the see-saws are so big and there are different swings.

And little ride-on things that are bouncy for 2 people! So cool! I take it back, I think the striped shirt is Superman, and Batman has Toy Story…… I had to keep making them get back in so I could get a shot of them playing on it. People kept walking in front of me…..

And of course Princess had to ride the motorcycle as well…..

I remember you used to see these in all the playgrounds, but now it seems like they’ve removed a lot of the more fun (read injury and lawsuit prone) things. Sigh.

It is nearly impossible to get 4 people (particularly kids) to look at the camera at the same time.

Seriously if you’re ever in Wisconsin I would detour to go to this park. We could have spent a whole day there and the kids wouldn’t of been bored. Now I might have gotten tired…… But, that’s another matter.

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  1. says

    I’m so glad that you had such a good time at the playground, and you’re right, CAMDEN Playground is an accessible/integrated playground built to give everyone a place to play and get away from the harshness of life, sometimes.

    At 80-100% accessible, it was the largest accessible playground in the world, and the most accessible. Now it remains a model for accessible/integrated playgrounds worldwide.

    Thank you for posting the pics, I really enjoyed them, and please, come again!

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