Bible Road Trip Bible study for elmenetary and middle school

Bible Road Trip Review

About four years ago I looked at what was currently being offered for kids to learn about the Bible and for Sunday School and bemoaned the lack of anything that wasn’t fluff but still had a hands-on element to it.  So I started making my own curriculum.  I guess Danika also thought the same thing because she created Bible Road Trip.

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What is Bible Road Trip?

Bible Road Trip

Bible Road Trip (affiliate link) is a 3 year program that goes through ALL of the Bible (she’s still coming out with the last little bit it’s all done now).  It’s designed to be used as part of your homeschool (though you could use it as a family Bible study) and is planned for only during the school year.

It’s divided up into 5 different levels: preschool, early grammar (1-3), upper grammar (4-6), Dialectic (7-9), and Rhetoric (10-12).  Each notebooking set is about 200 or so pages for your kids to write their notes in (hence why I haven’t printed it out yet because it’s a LOT of pages, and we’re not ready to start yet).  You can print out as many as you need for your family because buying Bible Road Trip gets you a family license.

Bible Road Trip lesson plan

Each week of Bible Road Trip has several activities to do:

  • Reading lists (different for each age group)
  • Bible memorization
  • Further exploration (a video or other book suggestions)
  • Crafts, who doesn’t love crafts?
Bible Road Trip levels with your child

This is a screenshot of the upper elementary (Upper Grammar) page from the lesson plans.  You can see there’s some pretty good questions to talk through and a fair amount of in-depth work for the kids to do.

Bible Road Trip Notebooking Pages

The heart and soul of Bible Road Trip are the notebooking pages.  There’s a set for each level, and they get progressively more complicated as your kids get older.

Bible Road Trip Notebooking pages

These are some of the notebooking pages for my kids.  You can see the lines are big enough for them to write on, there’s a spot for them to potentially draw pictures (if they want), and there are some great masterpieces included for visuals throughout the book.

My plans for Bible Road Trip

Obviously we’re in the middle of our current 2 year Family Bible Plan, and I really want to finish that up, but once we’re doing with that I’m gonna launch us full scale into Bible Road Trip and we’ll be covering this material.  I very much enjoy the curriculum, and how she’s laid it out, so I’m looking forward to diving in.


Buying Bible Road Trip

Bible Road Trip costs $20 for the curriculum itself and $20 per notebooking page set.  This is a very good deal because you can use reprint the notebooking pages over and over again for your kids as many times as you need to.


4 responses to “Bible Road Trip Review”

  1. This sounds like an interesting curriculum!

    1. It really is, she’s laid it out in an easy to understand manner, it truly is open and go.

  2. That’s so funny that several of us all decided we couldn’t stand the fluff and are making our own Bible curriculum! I’m glad, because we need to put God’s Word into our children’s hearts, and I want God’s Word to be real to my kids.

    1. I know, it really amused me when I realized that as I started seeing more and more of us doing the same type of thing.

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