Manna from heaven game

Our Sunday school class has been very slowly moving through Exodus.  I know, you’re thinking Exodus, 50 chapters about how to build the tabernacle……  Ugh, but the first half is really fun, and I’m going to condense down the last half into a swallowable lesson for my Sunday School class0 (silly computer doesn’t think swallowable is a word).


No, really.  Or, that’s my plan……

Mana from heaven game

Well, Sunday’s lesson was about the Israelites and how whiny they are about little things like drinking and eating (for the whole lesson check out Moses crossing the Red Sea).  God’ answer was to give them manna from heaven.  Now, I’m sure the Israelites after gathering enough to eat thought to themselves, “Well, we’ve got all of this leftover manna, and I know, we’ll play games with it.”

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Mana from heaven game

Supplies: large numbers of Pom Poms* (seriously buy this half pound bag). spoon, Chopsticks*, or other challenging items to carry stuff, cups

Mana from heaven game


GOAL: to be the first team to fill all of their cups with “manna”

RULES:  You cannot touch the pom-poms (manna) with your hands.  You can use the spoon, chopsticks or what have you to take it over to the cups.


VERDICT: the kids loved this mana from heaven game!  We discovered that the spoons were much harder than the chopsticks, but it was really popular.


Okay, so it’s not all that spiritual, but it did drill in how manna fell from heaven (when we threw it in the air), and how you could only gather so much before you had a problem……….


All right, I’m stretching there, but it was a fun game for my Sunday School class.

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5 thoughts on “Manna from heaven game

  1. The Manna Game sounds fun! Next Time= M&Ms and chopsticks.. that'd be funNY.

    (and sounds more fun that our 16 weeks in Song of Solomon- for the grown ups of course)

    Ki (my youngest made a Temple (from Biblical Descriptions) out of Legos, with all the rooms and inner rooms and alter, etc. It was cool

    I hope your head/eyes are better. I'll pretend you were blinking becuase you enjoyed my blog, though.

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