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12 Spies go into Canaan activity

We’re almost done with Moses in our Sunday School lessons, and the kids have really enjoyed studying him.  Especially since for this nearly last lesson we got out our peg doll Bible people for the activities.  Just as a quick review, when last we saw Moses the Israelites were getting the 10 Commandments and building the tabernacle, and now Moses sends the 12 spies into Canaan.

Moses sends the 12 spies into the land of Canaan lesson

What I learn from Moses sends the 12 Spies into Canaan

This is one of the lessons I feel is great for the parent of a young child to read, because it helps me to think, “If God couldn’t get the Israelites to follow directions, I can take hope when my kids are going crazy.”  Or maybe that’s just me…

It really reminded me of the kids when I say “Because you did not do what I told you, here is the consequences,” and they say, “Oh wait no, I was totally on my way to go do it, don’t do that.”

reading our Bibles
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Seriously though, this lesson is a great example of do what God says when He tells you to, not when it feels convenient to you.  I mean the spies come back and tell everyone “It’s way too scary,” and when Moses says “No, let’s obey God,” then the spies go and try to start a rebellion.  None of this goes well for any of these people.

Moses sends the 12 spies into Canaan lesson

We started off the lesson time reading our Bibles, and putting together memory verse puzzles.  It really cracked me up when Batman got out the magnifying glass because the print in my Bible was “too small.”

acting out the Moses sending the 12 spies
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Then we acted out the story of the 12 spies with our peg dolls.  The kids loved getting a chance to prove how much they knew and playing with the dolls.

find the 12 spies game (2)

Finally, we played the “Find the 12 spies game,” which is a variation of the game I put in the 12 spies story, but I didn’t really want to try having one of the kids hide and the others find him, so we hid the spies all over our “city,” and they each found their 4 spies.  They thought it was great fun.  It could easily be adapted to use any 12 figures you have or let one kid take turns hiding and then the others find them.

I had a few ideas online that I’d looked at doing, but they were all printable-type things, and the kids just weren’t in that mood, so no need to print it off and not use it.  If you want to use them, grab the 12 spies storybook.

Moses sends the 12 spies lesson

12 Spies crafts and activities

I’m slowly adding more ideas and projects for each Bible lesson, and I’ve made my first for the 12 spies lesson.

Moses sends the 12 spies resources to use

For more Exodus (Moses) ideas, check out my Exodus pinterest board.

12 spies go into Canaan Bible lesson


9 responses to “12 Spies go into Canaan activity”

  1. What a fun way to present the lesson.

    1. Thanks! The kids all certainly enjoyed it, and it’s renewed their interest in acting out Bible stories, so that’s all good to me.

  2. This is fun lesson. Exodus always amuses me – how unworthy was the Jews’ behavior in comparison to efforts God was putting into their rescue.

    1. It amuses me because of that too. It also shows to me, at least, how steadfast God’s love is, even when we’re acting like brats. And I know I’ve acted like a brat a time or two. Hopefully not as obnoxious as the Israelites…. Or so I hope.

  3. MaryAnne @ mama smiles Avatar
    MaryAnne @ mama smiles

    Love the way you used peg dolls in this lesson!

    1. Thanks! I loved hiding all of the spy peg dolls. Then of course we went downstairs and painted more dolls.

      At some point I should share pictures of all my Bible character dolls.

  4. Where do you get your peg dolls? James is really such a hands on learner and acting out the sories would be so good for him.

    1. I buy mine in bulk (like 100 at a time) from Casey’s Wood Supply: https://www.caseyswood.com/

  5. […] My kids remember lessons best when they can act it out.  Yesterday we build the city of Jericho so they could act out the Israelites walking around it and the city being knocked down.  They told me the whole story without me adding a thing.  It was great to watch.  The picture above is acting out the 12 spies story. […]

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