The Discovery of Iceland

Because I’m a glutton for punishment, and because I want a little leeway in our schedule I decided to complete two weeks worth of lessons in our Illuminations 2 (affiliate) schedule, and we actually did it.  I was rather amazed.  Our most favorite lesson of that busy week was the discovery of Iceland, it’s a fun bit of history.

The discovery of Iceland as told by LEGOS

How did the discovery of Iceland happen?

The discovery of Iceland as told by LEGOS

Well, like many other great discoveries in history, by accident.  For this lesson you need a good sized map, you could print one out from Wondermaps (on my to do list, make poster sized versions of all the cool Wondermaps) or do a google search.  For the big one to show everyone I used this website and printed a 3X3 versions of the map for me to have a big version for the kids to see better.

The discovery of Iceland as told by LEGOS

The first time Iceland was discovered a man had inherited an island “somewhere to the West,” so he sailed off to find it, hit a storm and discovered Iceland.  He wandered around on there, thought it looked amazing named it Gardarholm, and headed back to Norway.

The discovery of Iceland as told by LEGOS

When Gardar got back he told everyone all about this amazing land he found, “It’s great, you won’t believe how much farming land there is.”

The discovery of Iceland as told by LEGOS

Well, someone else heard all of this and said, “I’’m going to go find that island, it sounds like a great place to live.”  He set out with some hardy souls, and they colonized Iceland.


The discovery of Iceland as told by LEGOS

He got so cold his vision went blurry and that’s why this picture is blurry

They built a few houses, and it looked great.  Then WINTER hit, and it was a bad winter.  They survived that winter and their founder said, “This place should be called Iceland, there’s so much ice here.”  Little did he know in a little while they’d discover somewhere that was even icier and call it Greenland.

The discovery of Iceland as told by LEGOS

Time passed and there were a few Viking pirates, I know that’s most of the Vikings, and they decide it’s high time they make a real go of it.  Not having much money they knew the best way to get money was to steal it from someone else, so they raided Ireland and Scotland to get their supplies and headed over.  The older cousin had a great chair and said wherever that chair landed is where the capital would be, but they lost the ship it was on.

A year or so later they found the missing chair, and that is the capital of Iceland to this day.

The discovery of Iceland as told by LEGOS

And that is how Iceland was discovered by some Vikings who got lost.


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The science behind jello

Everyone loves jello, I mean most of us who grew up in America in the 80s or 90s can sing part of the ad, and may be thinking J-E-L-L-O in a somewhat deep voice. But do you know the science behind jello?

The science behind Jello, a fun kitchen chemistry lesson for kids

I had bits and pieces of ideas for this month’s Poppins Book Nook, but didn’t know for sure what I wanted to do for chemistry, and somehow in my mind The Witches (affiliate link, which we’d just finished reading and were looking for snacks for) and Jello or gummies seemed like they went together in my head, I don’t really know why.  It just did.

Learning about the science behind jello

We tried out two recipes, the usual recipe on the box, and a gummy recipe from Almost Unschoolers (she’s almost always successful in the kitchen), but more on that later.

First though to find out the science behind jello.


The kids were quite fascinated by all of this, and now it’s time to make our jello and our gummies……

science of jello things went wrong

So, let’s pretend I don’t have 20 photos looking like this, and I actually have pictures of the process, I’d draw it out for you, but the morning is coming all too soon, and I’m showing the kids the reality of public school this week, much to my dismay (I have to get up at 6:00, there’s a reason I homeschool, and this stinks, but the kids needed a “lesson”).


So the gummy recipe says mix 1 box of flavored gelatin and 3 boxes of unflavored gelatin.  This would be why you read the recipe before shopping.  All I’d remembered was 4 boxes of gelatin, so we’d bought 4 boxes of FLAVORED Jello.

No problem, I thought, it’ll just have an extra strong flavor.

But just in case I hedged my bets, and instead of making the 3 different flavors of gummies we’d talked about we only made 1.  And 2, no make that 3 types of Jello, because I’d chosen some too.

building jello box creations

So, as I’m frantically following her directions and mixing the powder in, the kids are building jello box monsters.  And cutting up the empty boxes to create accessories.

Accesories!!!!!!!! (Yes, that’s needs like 10 exlamation points, I think I’m missing a few)!!!!!!!!

Eventually I have it more or less mixed in, so I proceed to the heating step and the pouring in step and set that mess aside.

Now to make real Jello, but you know.  I am terrible at making jello, watching this movie and reading the gummy instructions up above gave me some insights into part of my problem.  Are you ready for it?

learning the science of jello requires cutting up boxes

because I’d lose you if there wasn’t a picture here, so picture, Schnazzbot because I’m tired

I don’t really mix it completely.  There’s almost always a fine layer of powder I can see at the bottom because I get tired of stirring the powder.  So I end up with a slightly gummy layer at the bottom.

So we put the jello in the frig to set up, and left the gummies out on the counter because I didn’t remember seeing anything about putting it in the frig.

The Witches by Roald Dahl movie night

We came back to start watching The Witches (affiliate link, and I will warn you it’s somewhat scary for kids, my kiddos spent the entire evening cuddling), and prepped lots of snacks.Finally I pulled the Jello out of the frig and discovered.

It hadn’t set.  At all, despite it being over 3 hours later.  How long does Jello take to set?

So I checked on the gummies and they weren’t set either, so into the frig they went.  We happily ate our other snacks and we had a quick chemistry lesson about the science behind dry ice, and how the carbon dioxide instantly sublimates, going straight from solid to gaseous form.

science of dry ice

However the kids were suitable impressed by our witches’ brew to make up for the failed gummies and jello.

Saturday we went to eat our jello and it was still rather jiggly, but by SUNDAY it was ready to eat…..


Someday something will go right in the kitchen.  This was not that someday.

Oh well, I keep trying.

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Jesus raises Jairus’ daughter

The story of Jesus raising a girl from the dead is a great Bible lesson, it shows so much of Jesus’ compassion for the hurting.

Last week’s Bible lesson: Jesus heals a paralytic (notice the trend?)

What I learn from Jesus raises Jairus’ daughter


Jesus heals a bleeding woman craft

click on the picture to be taken to where I found this great foldable (I recommend parents or teachers fold it, because it’s hard to fold, but my kids found this fascinating)

Actually my big takeaway from this lesson comes from a side-note to the story.  As Jesus is heading off a woman who has been sick for years reaches out and touches Jesus’ robe, and she’s healed.

Jesus turns around and asks who touched him.  All the disciples look at Jesus like he’s CRAZY, completely and totally crazy.  The woman comes forward and confesses to touching Jesus.


It’s like 4 verses, but it’s a big deal.

She trusts God that she will be healed.  Her faith is so big she believes if she just touches Jesus’ robe she will be healed.  That’s an amazing faith, one I wish I had.  It’s a faith Jesus rewarded by healing her.


Jesus heals a bleeding woman obstacle course

getting to Jesus obstacle course

It was very crowded around Jesus, and I’m sure this woman had to do a lot of bobbing and weaving to get to Jesus.  What better way to simulate that than with an obstacle course?

get to Jesus Bible game

So, the kids hopped, and climbed, and wove around objects to successfully reach Jesus and be healed.  YEAH for healing!  We may have repeated this a few times so everyone could make sure they were quite healed by Jesus.  Then we put the chairs away much to their consternation.


Jesus raises Jairus’ daughter craft

Jesus raises Jairus' daughter Bible craft

This craft I got from Jesus without languages, I love her Bible crafts and her blog.

Our Bible craft would have worked better if I’d printed it on cardstock, but I did not, so our dioramas were a little floppy.  The kids still enjoyed playing with it and making their own versions of the craft.

making Jesus raising Jairus' daughter Bible craft

Batman’s even had a secret hide-out for her to stay in, and weapons.  Princess’ was very pink.  Superman was not in a coloring mood, so his was rather scribble scrabble.

Jesus raises Jairus' daughter lesson, great lesson on faith

 Jesus raises Jairus’ daughter resources

Next week we get to see Jesus talking to the Samaritan woman at the well.

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Super easy hot sandwich recipe

The other day for lunch I was planning on cooking my patented mini-hot dogs in crescent rolls, only to discover I didn’t have crescent rolls.  I had biscuits.  Hungry kids being the mother of invention in this house, I improvised.

I’m sure this surprises long time readers of this blog greatly.

Super easy sandwich recipe

They’re ridiculously easy, and ridiculously quick.

  1. Split a refrigerated biscuit dough in half.
  2. Shred cheese and cut ham (or other meat) into small pieces.
  3. Sprinkle some amount of cheese and ham on half of the biscuit.  Whatever looks good to you.
  4. Bake according to directions on the can, I’d add in an extra minute or two because the ham in the middle seemed to leave it a little doughy still.
  5. Take out, let cool for 30 seconds and give to hungry kids.

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy, or some other such silly phrase.  I’m adding this one into my lunch rotation because it’s so ridiculously easy to make, and I frequently have the supplies on hand.

In our homeschool life this week (or two)

I’ll be brief because I think I wrenched my shoulder this evening attempting to prevent killing myself while slipping on spilled water, and despite 2 Advil it still hurts a lot.


Clockwise from top left

We got a new dishwasher this past Christmas (the old one had literally fallen apart from rust, it was quite impressive, that’s another story), and the kids have been using the old silverware basket to lower stuff down from upstairs.

I’ve got my hoodie in process, actually at this point, it’s 90% done, I need to add cuffs, line the hood, and one or two other things.  Mainly I need to buy zippers, yes plural I have this great plan for more pockets.  The picture of my sewing machine illustrates why I don’t make craft tutorials.  This is the only picture I got of any steps.  Only picture.

That rather disgusting mess is what came out from underneath my frig when I used the yardsticks from the Roman swords to clean out underneath my frig, it was gross.  Very gross.

life and fun

I let the kids have the camera for the Bible lesson, and this picture came out halfway good.  A common sight for my boys at night.  I don’t know why we bought two beds.

My kids had a sleepover at Mimi’s and their little cousins were there too.  Superman reading on my lap, the kids had dentist appointments, and so we did school there.

Cuddling in the morning, I didn’t get out of bed before the kids came down, so that meant cuddling for an hour.  You think I’m exaggerating.

We are still slowly working our way through Winter Wonderland Mixed Media Workshop crafts and projects, my kids adapted the Christmas card wreath to a Valentine wreath (only because I said it had to be a wreath), after that it was totally unrelated to our original project.  We’re starting the Valentine’s Day Mixed Media Workshop in a week or two, so check them out, it’s a lot of fun (Valentine’s class is on the side bar if you want to see cool pictures of projects)

That is what happens to my boys’ math work.  I’d written “M” to let him know he needed to rewrite it because it’s messy, his response was to turn the letter into a soldier.

And final picture, Jeff and I took Princess to see “Into the Woods,” LOVED it, all of us did, it was so much fun!  I laugh every time I see/hear this song, seriously when Cinderella’s prince tears his shirt open and Rapunzel’s prince does so because his brother did.  Hi-larious (as Princess would say).

final set

And final set

Princess (who got all the cool events these past 2 weeks) had a mother/daughter night for AHG and she made a pillowcase for her dreams, she dreams of swimming with dolphins.

We’re getting ready to go to Disneyworld and I told the kids to propose chores I would pay them to do, and they were to write bids down with proposed chores, amount they’d want to be paid, and why I should hire them.  It was quite amusing to see what they thought was a fair price and how they bid.

We made apple sauce, played Batman Lego board game (sadly discontinued, very sadly), learned about the founding of Iceland (didn’t you know, Batman was a Viking?), and Jeff helped the boys put together a rather poorly designed solar power kit that had quite a bit of false advertising involved.

Oh, and that’s a picture of my Bible journal.  I’m working through 2 Timothy.  First I copy out the entire chapter, with some amount of illustrations, and then I write all my notes for the chapter, it’s been a fun learning experience.  I thought of it because over at Angellic Scalliwags she shared their Bible journals, and it reminded me.  To keep myself honest I’m trying to post something I read in my Bible the night before on my facebook page every morning.  I’m doing good on weekdays, it’s the weekends that’s gotten me these past two weeks.

Okay, I lied, I’m not capable of not being verbose.  I always have too much to say, and I can keep my shoulder more or less still as I type, but not really, I’m getting more emphatic as I type, and it’s starting to hurt, so I’m gonna stop now, good night (or morning when I actually publish this).

Rock Cycle unit

This was part of the lithosphere unit in our earth science posts.  We tried several different rock cycle lessons before we finally found a rock cycle lesson that worked.

sugar cube rock cycle edible science fun

Our failed rock cycle lesson


though why anyone would want to steal this picture I don't know, but hey it's got a watermark on it, so don't steal it

though why anyone would want to steal this picture I don’t know, but hey it’s got a watermark on it, so don’t steal it

In our CKE Earth and Space book (affiliate link) they’ve got a recipe for making rock cycle cookies.  I was pretty excited, and got out all the stuff, started the lesson, and then I got to the step where you’re supposed to caramelize the sugar.  I didn’t really know what that was, but I tried, and got brown slightly burned sugar lumps.


seriously, pots and pans were being put down with considerable force during this time

seriously, pots and pans were being put down with considerable force during this time

At this point for the safety of the kids I decided to kick them out of the house because I was starting to mutter under my breath at the pan.  Pushing on and I decided to try adding the cream to make the caramel sauce.  I ended up with lumpy cream that ended up burning in the pan.

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So I headed to pinterest to see what I had stashed away there and checked out my earth science ideas for kids post.  I came up with several great ideas:



Out of all of those I thought the sugar cube rock cycle lesson looked most likely to achieve.  Especially since I had large numbers of sugar cubes.  There was a miscommunication on our sugar cube supply and Jeff bought 2 boxes after I’d bought 2 boxes, so we have 4 boxes of sugar cubes.  FOUR boxes.

sugar cube rock cycle demonstration 2

First we took our sugar cube and dropped water on it.  We watched as the sugar cube dissolved carrying the solvents down stream and creating deposits that will make new rocks someday, this is how sedimentary rocks are created.

sugar cube rock cycle demonstratio

Then we melted our sugar cube, and this time because I learned from my mistakes and stirred it constantly.  The kiddos were quite amazed at the sugar cube melting (it did leave a rather nasty black mark on the pan, but that’s slowly coming out).  This represents the metamorphic changes a rock goes through.


I didn’t get a picture of it, but as it solidified and become hard that would show it cooling and becoming like an igneous rock.  Over at All Things Beautiful (the link up at the top for Sugar Cube Rock cycle) she also has a fudge rock cycle that looked delicious, but given my bad luck with the other versions I didn’t want to try it right then.


Resources used for the Rock Cycle Unit

I’m linking up over at All Things Beautiful for her science linky

10 Great science pinterest boards for homeschoolers

I’m sure it’s not a big surprise to you that I love history.  About a year or so ago I went through and shared my 5 best Bible pinterest boards with you.  And then a few months later I shared 10 great history pinterest boards with you.  You can probably tell I love pinterest.  This time around I want to share my science pinterest boards with you.

10 Great Science pinterest boards for kids

And I’ve arranged this post at least mostly alphabetically, so if you’re looking for a particular brand of science pinterest board, then scroll down to look for it.


Science for kids pinterest board

Let’s start off with some general science ideas.  This may be as simple as philosophy of science or as technical as what supplies your kids might need.  This is a great catch all board for your science needs.

anatomy pinterest board

Next up is a complete study of the human body.  I used this board extensively last year as I planned our anatomy lessons.  There’s over 200 ideas on this board so far.

astronomy pinterest board

Astronomy, one of our current areas of study.  We’re slowly moving our way through this interesting field of study, and the kids are having fun as I pull ideas from this science pinterest board to do with them.


botany pinterest board

Botany is an an area of science I’m trying to put off studying.  Why?  Because I’m terrible at it, so I really don’t want to teach my kids botany, I’m still collecting lots of cool botany science ideas on my botany pinterest board though.

earth science pinterest board

Our other current area of study for science, earth science.  I’ll admit I wasn’t too sure about this area of study, but the kids and I have really been enjoying all of the hands on aspects we’ve been able to bring into it from this pinterest board, way more than we could ever complete.


Our first year of homeschooling we studied flying creatures and it was a lot of fun to use some of the ideas I later pinned to my flying creatures pinterest board (it was in pre-pinterest days).


A few years after studying flying creatures we learned about land animals.  Again this was mostly in pre-pinterest days, but I had so many ideas saved away that I quickly filled up my land animals pinterest board.  It’s scary how many pins I have on that board.


I originally had my nature study board as a random assortment all over my science pinterest boards, and then Angellic Scalliwags started her year long nature study.  Which led to me starting a nature study with my kids.


Our third year of homeschooling we studied swimming creatures, which was perfect because we visited several beaches that year.  That was also the year I found pinterest, which means I found hundreds of ideas on my swimming creatures pinterest board.


And in the coming years I’m planning on studying chemistry and physics (which I have no posts on yet).  Because I have a sense of humor I named my chemistry and physics science pinterest board: Things that Go Boom.


So, those are my science pinterest boards, and I hope they’ve given you some great ideas to try out.  If I’ve piqued your interest check out the rest of my pinterest boards.

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For a bunch more great pinterest boards for homeschoolers, kids, family, and life in general check out the Pintastic Pinterest boards link up.


Science picture used with permission and was modified: Source

Jesus heals a paralytic Bible lesson

Yesterday Jesus walked on water in our Bible lesson, and today Jesus heals a paralytic.  I like this lesson because there’s so much personality in it.


What I learn from Jesus heals a paralytic

Jesus heals a paralytic lesson and craftShort answer: it’s great to have good friends.

I mean this guy has friends that are willing to commit acts of vandalism for him.  That’s a good friend for you.

Longer answer:  Don’t give up when you see problems.

That’s not really longer, but those are my two big takeaways, find the right friends, and don’t give up when you encounter a problem.  All too often I see people run into problems and say, “God is telling me it wasn’t meant to be.”  What a defeatist attitude, don’t give up now.

Jesus heals a paralytic lesson

Since I’ve filmed the last couple of Bible lessons the kids were sure we were going to film this one and they got even more excited when I said they were acting it out.

Princess had grand plans of doing ads between scenes, ADS!  I think there might have been mutters of rebellion when I broke the news we weren’t filming because everyone was in the skit.  Their solution was Daddy should film it.  That didn’t happen.

Jesus heals a paralytic

Once there was a man who couldn’t walk.

But he had 4 great friends who heard Jesus was coming to teach.

Jesus heals a paralytic lesson 2

So these men got together and carried their friend to the house Jesus was in, but they couldn’t get in.

They saw stairs to the roof and climbed up carrying their friend the whole way.

Jesus heals a paralytic lesson 2

Eventually they got up on top and they dug through the roof to lower their friend.

Jesus heals a paralytic lesson 2

Jesus saw the man being lowered and said to him, “Your sins are forgiven.”

Jesus heals a paralytic lesson 2

But the pharisees heard this and thought, “How does he have the right to forgive sins.  Only God can do that.”

Jesus heals a paralytic lesson 2

Jesus knew what they were thinking and said, “And so you know I have the power to forgive sins.  Get up and walk.”  And the man got up and walked.


Such a simple story, but it’s amazing what they learned from it.  The value of friendship, the importance of sacrifice, AND Jesus has the power to forgive sins.  That’s a big deal.


Jesus heals the paralytic game

This is one we’re going to do with my Sunday school class.  You need a beach towel and a willing group of kids.

Jesus heals a paralytic lesson 2

Each person grabs a corner of the towel, and they have to carry their teammate on the towel to the other side of the room and back.  Depending on how mean you’re feeling they can’t let their friend touch the ground.

It’s a very fun game, and since we tend to be covering the gospels in winter when we can’t always go outside, it’s great to have that game to play.

I had a craft we were going to do, but the kids were antsy, it was our first day of sunny weather after 10 days of cold and drizzle, so we opted to go outside and play at a park with friends instead.  I think it was a good decision.

Jesus heals a paralytic oops pictures

As a side note, when you let your kids take some of the pictures for the story you end up with over 100 pictures like this.

Jesus heals a paralytic lesson 2

 Jesus heals a paralytic lesson printable

Jesus heals a paralytic resources

I love this video and how she tells the lesson.

And this Jesus heals a paralytic craft

Gospel activities for kids

For the rest of our Gospel Bible lessons head over to the Gospel page.

Also I’m continually adding more ideas to my Gospel pinterest board, so make sure to check it out. Follow Ticia Adventures in Mommydom’s board Gospels on Pinterest.

Jesus feeds the 5000 and Jesus walks on water

So funny story, last week I’ve been without a printer because we were out of ink, and I glance at my lesson plans from Illuminations (affiliate link) and it said Jesus feeds the 5000, and I looked at my blogging calendar and it said today I was supposed to post Jesus feeding the 5000 and walking on water.  I knew in the Bible they happened right after each other, so I went to my computer to look at the files.

Jesus feeding the 5000 teaching collage

There were no pictures in the entire Jesus feeds the 5000 document.  So, I went to look at my picture file, and there it was the folder was titled “Jesus feeds 5000, walks on water, and calms the storm.”

“Well that’s a busy week,” I thought to myself.  No really, that’s what I thought, so I set to preparing to tell the story of Jesus feeding the 5000 and Jesus walking on water, I completely blanked on the whole calming the storm bit.

And I didn’t like the crafts I had, so I decided to throw out the Jesus feeding the 5000 crafts, and instead focus on the walking on water, but there was still the matter of no ink.  So, I winged it and told the story out loud and had the kids video tape it, because it went so well last time they videotaped a lesson.

Then when I sat down quite proud of myself for jamming all of that together, I actually READ the lesson properly and realized I’d made some serious clerical errors, and it was only supposed to be Jesus feeding the 5000, and not Jesus walking on water, but all the cool stuff was Jesus walking on water, and that’s the story I was inspired by……

Almost 300 words later I really told you all of that because I wanted you to feel sorry for me messing up the lesson, and all that.


Jesus feeds the 5000 lesson

Jesus feeds the 5000 lesson

Jesus feeding the 5000 lesson is an interesting one, back when I was in college I read a scholarly article for my Gospels class theorizing this miracle was actually an attempt by the disciples to organize a rebellion.  After all they organized the people into groups of 50 and 100, what else could that mean?

That might have also been the same paper I got tired of half of the thing being in Greek and decided to retaliate by writing half of my critique of it in Spanish.  Which my Bible professor turned back in having corrected my Spanish grammar and a comment “Don’t mess with the homework.”

So the lesson we learn from that is don’t get cheeky with your assignments.

But you know what I see when I read the story?

I see Jesus tired, and needing a break, but he still cares for the people.

Jesus feeds the 5000

He went there to get away from everyone after hearing about the death of his cousin, but he took the time to teach the crowd and heal people.

He found out they were hungry and took steps to get them food.  And he used that to teach his disciples.

Jesus feeds the 5000

Think about it, Jesus could have magicked food out of nowhere for everyone.  Instead he let the disciples try to solve the problem.  Peter found a young boy willing to give up his lunch.  I always picture Jesus getting down on the boys’ level and looking him in the eye as Jesus talks to the boy.

Then because I think God is a mathematician, or he just likes to play with numbers.  Because at the end of it all there are 12, yes TWELVE baskets of left-over food.  Like there’s 12 tribes of Israel, 12 disciples, and I’m sure any number of other groups of 12.


Jesus walks on water

Jesus walks on water is one of my favorite stories, mainly because of Peter.  After they’ve finally sent everyone away Jesus sends his disciples away so he can pray and tells them he’ll catch up.

I have to wonder, how did the disciples think Jesus was going to catch up, they were taking the boat.

Either way, they set off across Galilee and out in the distance they see Jesus walking on water.  Their first response is to think he’s a ghost, and then Peter, because it’s always Peter, says “It’s Jesus,” and he jumps out of the boat.

We all know how it ends, Peter takes his eyes off of Jesus and looks at the waves and starts to sink.

At this point most pastors point out Peter took his eyes off of Jesus and that’s his mistake.

But here’s what I’d like to point out.

Jesus walks on water lesson application

Peter got out of the boat.

There were 11 other disciples and not one of them got out of the boat.  Peter has many shortcomings, but he is always willing to try and get out there.  He may not think things through, but he got out of the boat.  And that was my challenge to the kids, will you get out of the boat?

Jesus walks on water craft

Jesus walks on water craft

As I said, I found the Jesus walks on water much more fun for a craft, so that’s the craft we made.  I was going to put together a template for this craft, but Crafting the Word of God has already put together a great Jesus walks on water printable, so why re-invent the wheel.

Jesus walks on water craft kiddo version

But, my kids being my kids their versions turned out slightly different than my sample.

Princess made one very similar to mine.  Superman’s Jesus was a fighting knight, that was eventually fighting a sailing boat with a Gatling gun, no really that’s what he told me, a Gatling gun.

Batman’s I never got a completed picture of.  He kept adding to it.  Eventually there was about 6 popsicle sticks attached, and the boat had become a rocket ship with boosters on it and Jesus wasn’t walking on water anymore, he was astronaut Jesus walking on the moon.

Jesus feeds the 5000 Sunday School lesson

Jesus feeds 5000 resources

Jesus walks on water Bible lesson

Jesus walks on water and Jesus calms the storm resources

And with that I am finally publishing this post, over a week after I’d wanted to, but it’s published.  At some point, probably next year in January (I’ve got new lessons to share through most of this year) I’ll come back and re-do these lessons in a more appropriate fashion.


Coming tomorrow because I am that far behind Jesus heals a paralytic.

Gospel activities for kids

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Hands on Roman history resources

As you know I’m a big fan of hands on history, and a great way to do that is to have some good books and resources for it.  Here’s my favorites I’ve either bought or check out from the library for hands on roman history resources.

Roman  history resources for kids

Great Roman history books

We checked a wide variety of books out from the library, and bought quite a few of them as well, but these were our favorite 10 books (at one point I had over 30 Roman history books checked out from the library).

  1. Ancient Roman Warfare- because my boys love to learn about ancient battles
  2. The Bloody, Rotten Roman Empire: The Disgusting Details About Life in Ancient Rome (Disgusting History)- because young boys like disgusting stuff
  3. Life in Roman Times (Everyday History)- because it gives you great background
  4. How to Be a Roman Soldier- more young boy likes
  5. The Romans: Gods, Emperors, and Dormice- because I like the personality in this one
  6. Rome: In Spectacular Cross-section- because I always love cross section books
  7. TOOLS OF THE ANCIENT ROMANS: A Kid’s Guide to the History & Science of Life in Ancient Rome (Build It Yourself)- because it’s cool
  8. Ancient Rome Step Into The Time Of The Roman Empire With 15 Step-By-Step Projects And Over 370 Exciting Pictures (Hands-On History) Ancient Rome- For inspiration
  9. City: A Story of Roman Planning and Construction- because anything by David Macaulay is automatically cool to me
  10. The Hands on History: Romans: Dress, Eat, Write and Play Just Like the Romans- more inspiration

If you’ll notice several of the books I highlighted are hands on types of books, that’s because we all enjoy looking at those books, after a while kid history books tend to get similar and the same information, so I tried to highlight a variety of types.


Roman history videos

I’m going to be honest and say right now there’s not a lot of good stuff out there right now to show kids.  Or at least not that I was able to get ahold of without spending large amounts of money (I try to keep my buys to items I’ll use often and have heard good reviews of).

Also, the current trend of historical soap operas/excuse to make horrible TV shows is rather annoying.  Pompeii was really just a remake of Titanic set in 79 AD. You’ll just have to picture my eyes rolling and the vast amount of sarcasm and restraint I am showing right now.  Seriously I could write a 1000 words just to rant about these shows.

Moving on.

  1.  Pompeii – The Last Day- great documentary on Pompeii, if you have elementary aged kids gauge how your kids will do, mine were okay, but a little wigged out by the video
  2. Drive Thru History: Ancient History (Extended Length)- As a heads up this is a Christian view point, but the host’s sense of humor is great for middle school kids who think everything is “lame”
  3. Decisive Battles of the Ancient World (History Channel)- We LOVE this series, however it is all on youtube for free (I’m linking all of the Roman battles below)

Decisive Battles (Cannae, Hannibal)

For the early part of Roman history their big foe was Carthage and Hannibal came the closest of any general of defeating and destroying Rome (for over 400 years that is, eventually the Goths did them in)

Decisive Battles (Birth of the Roman Empire)

important for the Romans finally overtaking the Greeks, also shows which combat style will win out

Decisive Battles (Spartacus)

important because it made the career of important figures in Roman history and emphasized the danger of massive numbers of slaves

Decisive Battles (Crassus)

Crassus’ defeat led to the next battle (Pompey and Caesar only got along because Crassus was in the Triumvirate)

Decisive Battles (Pompey versus Caesar)

This set Rome from being a republic to an empire

Decisive Battles (Gothic invasion of Rome)

How the Goths eventually overthrew and destroyed Rome


I never really found any great Roman history toys or other things I wanted to pick up, have you seen any that impressed you?

Hands on Roman history

For the rest of our Roman posts head over to Hands on Roman History a part of the iHomeschool Network’s hopscotch.

How to make a Roman sword for pretend play

I have been waiting to do this Roman sword craft since my brother was in first grade.  In case you are wondering that is over 20 years.  When my brother was in first grade his school did a “Knights and Princesses” themed day and all the boys (or anyone who chose to be a knight) got wooden swords made from yard sticks.  Ever since then I’ve been looking for an excuse to make one.

Roman sword craft

Roman sword craft supplies

yard sticks (the number depends on how many you are making, you can use only one for a single sword), sand paper, gray acrylic paint or gray spray paint, hack saw, hot glue gun, duct tape

cut the yard stick for the Roman sword project

First cut your yard stick at the 18 inch mark.  Roman swords were about a foot and a half long.  If you are making several then take another yard stick and cut it into 6 inch segments.

Sand the ends of your cut pieces to get rid of any splinters.

paint the roman swords craft

Paint your Roman sword pieces gray.  We mixed in some silver paint to make it a bit sparkly.

glue together the Roman sword craft

Plug in your hot glue gun and when it is ready glue the two sword pieces together to form a “T.”  I found gluing the cross-guard on between 4-6 inches up to be the best hand grip.

reinforce roman sword craft with tape

Cut a piece of duct tape about 12 inches long, then tear or cut that piece in half.  Then wind the two pieces of tape around the cross-guard to provide a bit of extra stability.  This step is not necessary, but if your kids are going to play with these swords much you need to do it.


Some history behind the Roman Sword

Let’s talk the Roman short sword, and the genius behind the design.

A real Roman sword has a leaf shape, and tapers at the front.  The design ensures it can slice a person open and the sword will not be pulled in by suction of the human body (I know, gross, but these are the details boys love).

The Roman sword got its length because that’s the longest they had the technology to make.  It takes a much higher grade of metal to make a long sword and if the Roman sword was longer it would be prone to breaking.

Also the length of the Roman sword is ideal for infantry carrying a sword all day long.  It’s less tiring to carry a short sword, it will not get tangled in supplies as you march from place to place.

The downside of a Roman sword is also its’ length.  Roman infantry have to close to very close combat to effectively fight.  While an infantryman usually also carried two short spears, they were intended to be thrown and either down an enemy soldier or hit their shield making the shield useless.  They were not intended for melee combat.

As a side note I will warn you these Roman swords will not stand up to extensive play.  They will break, but they look good for the short term, and my kids loved playing with them.


For the rest of our Roman posts head over to Hands on Roman History a part of the iHomeschool Network’s hopscotch.

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