Psalms 23 for kids

You’ve heard me complain frequently about my goal to read through Psalms this year.  Jeff gets to hear it even more often, but I do recognize it’s important, and there is a reason it’s in there.  Since we’re studying David’s life, I figure now is a good time to introduce Psalms to the kids, and we started with Psalms 23 for kids.

Psalms 23 lesson for kids

Psalms 23 for kids

We started off using this Psalms 23 file folder game.  Because I’ve come more recently to learn gluing them into the file folder and things like that are somewhat limiting to how we want to use the game.

Psalms 23 verse search

I hid the Psalms 23 Bible verses all over the room, and the kids happily found the sheep (we were pretending the sheep had wandered off), and looked through the Bible for the correct order of the verses.

Then we went through and looked for what things God did for David in this chapter, and of course talked through our discussion questions.

Acting out Psalms 23

It’s us, of course we have to act something out, or move something around.  This time we got to learn what it’s like to be a sheep being guided.

Your rod and your staff comfort me Psalms 234b Psalms 23 lesson for kids

I used some cloth from my stash to create a path, and the kids took turns leading the blindfolded sheep.  Mac was sometimes the wild animal that was stopping us from going where God wanted us to, that our good shepherd had to chase away.  Here’s what we learned from this:

Psalms 23 lessons

Sometimes we are silly sheep, and I feel very sorry for God trying to lead and guide us.  Batman was a very silly sheep who kept falling over (because we’d just watched Dave and the Giant Pickle {affiliate link}), and the poor shepherd was getting very frustrated.  It’s times like this I’m very thankful God is patient, much more patient than I am because I can get frustrated with the kids’ silliness at times.

Psalms 23 lesson, feel God leading us

Sometimes it’s very easy to know where God is leading us.  Because it was a cloth path you could feel if you went off the path (it might have worked better if I’d taped out a path, but this was convenient).  At times it’s blindingly obvious where God wants us to go. This is when we are spending time in God’s Word, and with other believers.

Psalms for Kids resources

Job Psalms and Proverbs

Buck Denver Asks: What’s in the Bible? Volume Eight – Words to Make Us Wise (Psalms, Proverbs & the Writings) {affiliate link}

David unit study

Job, Psalms, and Proverbs pinterest board

Greek Columns lesson for elementary

I remember learning about Greek columns in high school, and being amused by the different lessons.  When I saw in our Illuminations schedule we were starting the Greeks I immediately ran to the internet to remind myself of Greek columns so I could plan out a Greek Column lesson for elementary kids, because I don’t think my high school lesson would work for them.

Identifying Greek Columns

Greek Columns lesson supplies

toilet paper roll, play dough, paper for taking notes


As a side note, when we first started reading about the Greeks in Mystery of History 1, I was very disappointed they didn’t really talk about their architecture, but then several weeks later there was a whole lesson on it.  So, note to self remember to look AHEAD in your schedule and not just assume you’re adding in something totally awesome that’s not covered.

back to the

Greek Columns lesson for elementary

Doric Column

First we have the Doric Greek Column, the most simple.  This let me introduce the basic features of a column (great simple illustrations).

learn the parts of a greek column

Every Greek column has to have: a capital, a shaft, a base or pedistal (they are different parts sometimes, it has both).

Doric Greek columns are the most simple, being made up of simple shapes.

Identifying Greek columns Ionic

Ionic Greek columns are more complex.  They add in scrolls and curlicues to the capital and the base.

Identifying Greek columns Corinthian Column

Corinthian Greek columns are the most elaborate.  They have scrolls, curlicues, leaves, and flowers in the capital and the base.

After we’d looked at and built the 3 Greek columns we talked about the differences, and what they tell you about the society.  Doric columns are built by people who need a building, it’s quick, and relatively easy.  Ionic is built by someone who has some more time and money, and are able to take the time to add in some extra flourishes.  But the Corinthian columns, those are the most time-consuming and most expensive.  It takes great skill and time to make those columns.  Not coincidentally, Corinth was one of the most wealthy Greek city-states.

Now build your own Greek Column

build your own greek column

The kids loved this assignment.  Once we’d learned about the actual Greek columns I gave them free reign to make their own.

Build your own Greek Column lesson requirements:

  1. It has to have the needed parts: capital, shaft, and base
  2. You must have a name for it
  3. You must be able to draw it and explain your design

Design and build your own Greek columns

And build and build and build their Greek columns they did.  Here’s their final results:

Chariot Column design

Superman, and I only know this because it’s blue play dough, built a chariot column.  It cracked me up to see his drawing, but he was so proud of it.

Flower column design

Princess made a flower column.  Notice on the diagram there are flowers all over the thing.

And Batman’s has disappeared into the night somewhere.

Other great Greek Columns lessons for elementary or cool Greek stuff

All Things Beautiful Greek column lesson

Highhill Homeschool Greek column lesson

Ancient Greece activities roundup

How to Teach first aid to kids

One of my goals for teaching my kids anatomy is teaching first aid to them.  I want them to have at least a passing idea of what to do if someone they know is seriously hurt.  I have to admit part of this is because my kids are quite prone to BEING the one seriously hurt.

how to teach first aid to kids

Supplies needed to teach first aid to kids

{affiliate links are used here}

red marker, clean Washcloths (I like to buy them in bulk and use them for spills), First Aid Kit , Band-Aid (anyone else buy these in bulk?), something to clean the “wound” (we used water for this time, but I showed what we usually use), a lot of patience for giggling and silliness


What I did to teach first aid to my kids

I figured I’d add in that “my kids” because Princess got a first aid lesson with American Heritage Girls that was still hands on, but didn’t involve markers.

teach first aid to kids draw wound

1.  Have your child draw a major wound somewhere on their body.  Batman of course immediately drew one on his head in the exact same place he has at least two scars.

teach first aid to kids, ham it up

2.  Let them seriously ham it up as they act horribly wounded.  If this was a video you would hear the cries of pain coming from your speakers.

first aid to kids wash the wound

3.  The person aiding them comes up and assesses the injury with a few questions.  Then starts to clean the wound.  Notice as you’re doing so the red marker is coming off, exxxxcelleeent, just as you wanted it to happen.  The kids won’t be running around all day covered in red.  Make sure to talk about the importance of wearing gloves in case the wounded person is infected and to help keep the wound more clean.  The kids then remember we have yarn gloves to wear….

first aid for kids apply pressure and elevate the wound

4.  Apply pressure to the wound to slow bleeding, if possible elevate the wound to slow blood flow to the wound.

first aid for kids tickle patient

4b.  Tickle your patient as the dog tries to lick him to death.  I’m sure that’s part of all major treatment plans.

first aid to kids decide on bandages

5.  Decide what treatment is needed.  Does the person need to go to the ER?  Do you need to give them medicine?  What type of bandage can you use?

*As a side note, if you ever have to go to the ER and decide to call your mother, make sure to sound properly panicked, otherwise she might not believe you are taking your son to the ER, and tell you she doesn’t have time to get you food because she is working.  And yes I still tease my Mom about this to this day, 3 years later.  Because she NEEDS to be teased about this.  NEEDS, did you hear that?

teach first aid to kids apply bandage

6.  Apply the bandage to the wound.  For this particular activity the kids all decided they needed plain old band-aids.  Mainly because they like putting them on, that’s my theory, and I’m sticking to it.

First aid for kids

Other lessons on the Circulatory System

Learning about Blood Types

Make a model of Blood


Other lessons on First Aid

Learning about broken bones

Nursing during the Civil War

Quick tip for owies (way back in my first year of blogging)


King David lesson for kids

After a couple weeks learning about David, we finally get to the King David lesson.  But, it’s not all fun and games for King David in this lesson for kids. (Side note, it’s really hilarious what you come up with you search King David lesson for kids, all sorts of odd stuff pops up).

King David lesson for kids: cost of disobedience

Don't let the Ark of the Covenant touch the ground

One of the first things David did as king was bring back the Ark of the Covenant.  But in his excitement to bring it back he did not find out HOW he was supposed to do that, and he put it on a cart, and things did not go well from there.

King David lesson

The cart started to slip and poor Uzzah tried to stop it falling, and he died because he touched the ark.  God clearly said no one is to touch the ark.  So we played a game with a balloon to get this point across.  They had to keep the balloon in the air, but they couldn’t touch it.  It was very very hard, and if they touched the balloon they died.  They quickly figured out this was a fool’s errand because it’s just not possible.

King David lesson application

But once King David learned how to transport the ark, he saw great blessings.  Because of David’s great heart for God, he was given a promise, his future great-great-great grandson would be THE Messiah, and through HIM the world would be saved.  That’s a pretty impressive promise.

For my kids once they were given the “correct” way to play, with bandannas to hit the balloon up and keep them from touching the “ark,” the game became much more fun.  They didn’t really die, the balloon still hit the ground occasionally, but it was rare.  Suddenly the game was all smiles and fun.


There was one last part to our King David lesson that was a bit of a surprise.  As we read through the beginning portion of the story with the end of King Saul’s life, Princess was scared by this part of the story.

What is witchcraft King David lesson

In the passage King Saul goes to a witch or a spiritualist and asks her to raise the spirit of Samuel.  Princess was very disturbed by it, and wanted to know if witches were for real.  I gave her a very simplified answer, because that made her wonder about Harry Potter and things like that, are they ok.  Here’s a vague retelling of my answer.

The Bible says it is not OK to be a witch, that being a witch is a sin.  In this time there are two different types of witches.  There are people like in the Wizard of Oz who pretend to have powers so they can get money from people.  That is a sin because you are lying and taking advantage of other people.  God does not want you to do that.

There are other people who may have real powers, but they did not get them from God.  In the Bible it says they got them from false gods or from demons.  In the Bible story today, we don’t know what type of witch she is.  She was very surprised Samuel actually came, so I think she might have been the pretend kind, and God used her to teach Saul a lesson.

Today there are only pretend witches (this part I explained to calm her down, I know there are people who truly believe in witchcraft, but that’s an explanation she’s not ready for yet) who are making money off of people.

Now as to Harry Potter and things like that, is Harry Potter real? [No….]  Exactly, he’s pretend, and we’re just pretending we can cast spells and do things like that.  If you started to believe you really could do those things, I’d be worried, but until then, it’s a fun game to play.

So, that was my very long explanation.  It’s very over-simplified and doesn’t really get into aspects like spiritualism, or Wicca, or things like that, but I’m waiting to introduce too much about other religions until they’re a bit older and better able to understand differing viewpoints.  Right now when that subject comes up they just look at me in confusion, and say “Well why don’t they believe like we do?”


That about sums up our King David lesson for kids.  Next week we get to the really hard lesson about David….  David and Bathsheba, and all the problems that caused.  Watch as David lets his life spiral out of control because he can’t discipline his kids.

King David lesson story Get your King David lesson for kids by clicking the picture up above.


More King David ideas for kids

1 and 2 Samuel pinterest board

okay, yeah there’s just not a lot out there……  Sorry, it’s sadly true

How blogging is a blessing to my family

I have been blogging to some extent or another for about 5 years now.  Since my boys were that little, awww, look at the quiet sleeping boys.  They’re not quiet now.


In that time blogging has become a true blessing to my family.  I’ve seen many posts written about the dangers and terrible things that happen when Moms blog, ironically enough, often by “Mommy bloggers,” and there may be many posts on the blessings, but I haven’t seen them shared as much.


Blogging has blessed me with great friends

friends found

I could go through and list the friendships I’ve formed over the last several years, but then I’d have 500 words just listing their names and their blogs (and yes this is a picture of my kids’ friends, but I picture my online friends coming over for this party).  They have helped me through tragedies I thought would break me as friends and family have died.  They have shared great joys with me and rejoiced at changes in my life.

I’m an introvert (read this and laugh with me at the truth), and so I value these friendships that let me be who I am.


Blogging has grown me mentally and spiritually

As I write my blog, and as I homeschool my kids, I’m doing a lot of research to write what I write.  I am learning so much as I write.  I learned more about the Vietnam War as I taught the kids and wrote about it here than I’d known before because it was still “current events” when I went through high school and my college course the professor chose to teach his pet topics (mining towns, why?????) rather than an overview.


FYI: Current events is classified as anything within the past 20 years, so my high school years were just at the edge of that time.  Theoretically after 20 years people will be less passionate and more logical about the events, I don’t really think that’s true.

The more I write about the Bible for you guys the more I’m learning myself.  I’ve also been asked great questions that have forced me to look into the information more and more to answer them.


Blogging has humbled me

I’ve watched friends take their blog from nothing to an amazing pillar of the homeschooling community online.  I’ve seen other bloggers who I don’t understand their popularity explode into online empires.

Meanwhile, I’ve not seen explosive growth.  I’ve grown, but I haven’t had that post that went viral and everyone was sharing it and reading it.  And I have to admit I’ve wondered why at times.

 we run and play and learn and have fun in our way

I’ve thought about writing on the topics I’ve seen others write about that were popular, but that’s not me.  I don’t make cutesy crafts or 2 million variations on the same printable because it’s not me.  Or, it’s not where I am now.  Once upon a time the kids and I did a lot more crafts, but now they have a very strong vision on crafts and so I just let them go.

So, I’ve learned to be humble and balance who I am with who I want to be.


Blogging blessed me with great contacts

Blogging has brought me into contact with many great people AND companies.  I’m trying to be careful here because I don’t want to name drop, but because of blogging I’ve been able to work with great companies (see my disclosure page for some), and that has been both a blessing to us financially, and in learning more about homeschooling.


If you’ve ever wanted to start a blog, or hone your blogging skills, there’s a great deal going on this week. {Affiliate links} iBlog and iBlogPro are bundled together for a great sale, iBlog bundle for $11.99.

Easter Sunday school lesson

I’ve been working on this Easter Sunday school lesson for a couple of weeks now.  Each time I think it’s done, I come back and tweak it a little more, and then tweak it again.

Finally, I can say 100% for sure it’s done.  I’ve bought the supplies for it, all the pictures are taken, and I’ve sent off the print request to the church (okay that last part is still in the works).

Easter lesson resurrection for kids


I was vaguely inspired by a couple of posts from my Easter pinterest board, but mainly this post that talked about the Stations of the Resurrection.  I’ve always been intrigued by the Stations of the Cross, but they add in so many things that aren’t in the Bible, I’ve never quite been comfortable teaching the concept.

But, these are straight from scripture, and I love them.  So, I got to thinking about how to represent the events to the kids visually.

Do Not Fear Easter craft

Their fear as they went to the tomb, and discovered it empty.

dove craft for Easter lesson

Their great hope when they saw Jesus for the first time.

nail memories of Easter

And the doubt they had, did it really happen?

resurrection lesson

In the end these are all precious memories the disciples had.  Memories of reconciliation, of grace, of great hope.  These are memories that change your life.  And for these men and women they did.

Easter lesson memories of the resurrection

So, if you’d like to get your own copy of the Easter Sunday School lesson, click on the link, or the picture at the top of the post to download and print your own copy.

Together Box Review

I’ve been seeing all of these craft box subscriptions pop up all over the place.  I’ve been curious, but I’ve never quite actually been curious enough to buy one myself.  After all I’ve got a very full and over-flowing craft closet.  I finally broke down when Together Box approached me to look at their magnet box.

{Disclosure: I received a free sample from Together Box, opinions are all my own, etc, etc…..}

What comes in a magnet together box

I got our together box and was quite pleased with the contents of the box and the overall quality of the materials.  I had to kind of scrunch the materials on top of each other to get a decent picture, but here’s what we got: paint, glue, paper plates, magnetic wand, popsicle sticks, scrapbook paper, magnetic pattern blocks (worth it for these alone), suggested activities,  little bag full of: q-tips, paper clips, bolts, and SUPER strong magnets

Seriously the magnets included with this are pretty high quality, they will break if you drop them on tile or hit them at the wrong angle, but they are amazingly strong.  SO KEEP THEM AWAY FROM YOUR ELECTRONICS!

choosing our together box activities

We laid out all of the suggested activities and each of the kids got to choose one.  I’m also noticing Batman is looking incredibly tired in that top picture, way over the top tired.  Out of the step by step activities they picked: sheep herding, boat building, and painting

together box magnet activity

First we started building our boats with popsicle sticks.  There’s more than enough for 1-2 kids to build the boat of their dreams.  My kids were running out of popsicle sticks, but they also were trying to build the Titanic, so I think that’s more a reflection on the scale they tried to build.  We really enjoyed the process of building the boats, and had a lot of fun discussing it.  Batman especially enjoyed the yellow popsicle sticks, because that’s his favorite color (note to self pick up colored popsicle sticks).

The instructions say to glue the magnets on, but we tried taping them on, and that worked ok and left the magnets able to be used for more projects.

Together box magnet activity set

By far the most popular activity in the box for my kids was sheep-herding with magnets.  I didn’t believe their claim at first the magnet wands would be able to drag the magnets around through a table, but I tried it on our thick wood dining room table and it did.  It also was a bit bigger than my kids ability to maneuver, so we got out our small kiddo table and had a much better time there.  I love the freedom we had to modify the activities, I know my kids wouldn’t have reacted well to the suggested way of playing the game, and our modification of being able to see made it fun for all.

Side note: One of my favorite aspects of the Together Box is the ability to take their activity and just run with it.  You don’t have to stick to the set activity to have fun.


painting with magnets together box

This was probably the least favorite activity of my kids, but Princess picked it out and we tried it.  To be fair, my kids have never liked painting in unconventional ways.  They like having finer control over where the paint goes than you get with a magnet (or flowers, or any number of other ways I’ve tried).  But again, Princess took some of the other items in the box and had a blast painting with them that way.

I’d say this activity is the most limited on supplies.  There was enough paint for each of my kids to do this exactly once, but getting extra poster paint is easy enough, and then you can repeat it to your heart’s content.

At the end of it all we just had fun playing with the magnets and seeing what they can do, which isn’t that what you want from a discovery box like this?


Who would I say a Together Box is for?

I’d say these are great for Moms who want to do crafts, activities, and more with their kids, but aren’t sure where to get supplies or what to do.  The box has several more ideas we didn’t even try yet, and they loved just playing around with the magnets.


What about the quality of a Together Box?

Part of why I’ve been leery of craft kits like this is my past experience.  I’ve gotten some that promised to have great ideas, but in the end I got 1/2 cup of cornstarch and some cheaply made plastic bowls.  The quality of the materials in this was great.  The magnetic pattern blocks were higher quality than ones I’d bought before, and the magnets are the best quality.  Do I wish there was a hair more of the craft sticks and the paint?  Yes, is that a deal breaker?  Not really, the more expensive items in the box are a high enough quality to make up for it.

Where to get Together Box

Go to their site:, and there are multiple options: monthly, 3 months, or 6 months.  If you decide to get one use the code: adventures to get $10 off your order (SWEET!).

Blood Types activity for kids

One of the activities I had pinned on my anatomy this blood type activity from Highhill Education.  I loved both the visual, and the acting aspect of it.  I’d highly recommend reading her post because it’s just one part of a great series.

blood type activities for kids


Blood type activity supplies:

blood type activity supplies

stuffed animals, post-it notes (or index cards with tape), yarn, tape, marker


Start out by labeling all of your victims with blood types.  We kept it simple, just the different letter types (A, B, AB, O), we didn’t get into the positive/negative aspects.

blood type activity with toys

There was a terrible accident in our house, and we had a large number of people suddenly in need of transfusions.  So, we learned who could donate to who, and why O is such a wonderful blood type to have and very very needed by hospitals.

blood type activity for kids 

We talked about where they might hook up the IV, and why they might do it there.  We talked about what to do AFTER you give blood, and why it was so important to eat the cookies and drink the orange juice. blood type activitiy supplies

Looking at this picture now, I’m not sure we hooked up our IVs in the right place.  But, we talked about why they would tape down the IV once it was in your arm.

Which led to other discussions about my kids experience with IVs (2 of my kids have had surgeries under general anesthesia, and did not react well to coming out of it).


I’d give you a more detailed description, but really she did a much better job than I’d probably do on my inspiration post, so just go read her stuff.

For more anatomy resources:

Anatomy pinterest board

Anatomy posts on Adventures in Mommmydom



Science Sunday
<div align="center"><a href="" title="Science Sunday"><img src="" alt="Science Sunday" style="border:none;" /></a></div>


Now link up your SCIENCE posts, new and old, and then visit some of the other posts linked up and say hi. I’m going to be pinning, commenting, FBing or tweeting all of the posts linked up as the week goes by. At the end of the month I’m going to feature the best posts linked up.

Make sure to include a link back to my blog so people can come back from your post to see what others have done.  By linking you are agreeing I can feature your posts in a round up post later (I may use a picture to feature, but will link back).

Why spring is hard to achieve goals

That’s what I’m learning because this staying up until ridiculously late hours of the night and then still getting up at 7:00 isn’t really working long term.  Yet I don’t seem to be doing better with that.

crazy shots

We went to Jeff’s work to get pictures in the bluebonnets, and the kids were in a super goofy mood.  They wanted to take pictures, but when it came down to it, I couldn’t really get a decent shot of them.  Especially the boys.  After more than 100 shots, here’s what I came up with.

decent shots

For whatever reason I can’t get decent shots among the bluebonnets, but the water feature they love to run back and forth on, they kids (boys especially) will give me a decent picture.  I don’t know why.  I’m hoping to go back by there again and MAYBE get some decent pictures this time.

busy week

We had a fun week of school and goofing off.  The kids want to write another adventure book like the one I did back when the boys were 4 or so, so we went on a photo shoot around our neighborhood which deteriorated into run and play and have fun.  Which I didn’t really mind.

For actual school topics, we learned about catapults and how incredibly hard they are to aim.  We finished up learning about the circulatory system.  Started writing plays for the play we’re going to put on, and lots and lots of Lego and building play.


So here’s what I learned from last month:

  1. Sometimes you have to put your goals aside and enjoy the nice weather and play outside.
  2. I need to find a set place to put my Illuminations (affiliate link) schedule because I think this past month I spent more time looking for it, and reprinting than I did using it.
  3. There are a bunch of really cool literature guides included with Illuminations my kids are finally old enough for (and they’re on sale this month, notice the AD on my sidebar and look through a few while you’re there).
  4. Just because I got organized once does not mean I will stay that way.  Natural state of the universe, laws of disorganization, and some other term that my sleep-deprived brain isn’t thinking of.
  5. Psalms is better read in small doses, and not when you’re falling asleep from staying up too late.
  6. I DO need sleep, and can’t stay up until way ridiculously late to do stuff and still get up early.


So, after learning that long list of things, here’s my goals for April (keeping in mind I’m traveling for part of it):

  1. Write notes in my Bible, instead of a notebook.  I’ve become convinced using a paper Bible is better in the end because I can take notes in it, and mark it up all over.  I kinda like that, and miss doing it.
  2. Get the upstairs clean clean before we leave town.
  3. Get ALL laundry done before we leave (I’ll need to, to be able to pack).
  4. Find a place for my lesson plans clipboard that I will keep it in.  There’s a couple of other things I need to do that for.
  5. Get my desk clean, for real, and keep it clean.

Oh, and I hopefully fingers crossed will have an Easter lesson up.  I’ve just been having editing problems with it, so fingers crossed tomorrow.


Linking up to:

Collage Friday

Stand out from the crowd, look for college alternatives

My kids are finally at the point I feel they’ve mastered the basics of reading, and that’s gotten me thinking about the long term.  Especially as I talk with my friend Amanda, her kids are in high school and thinking about college, and how expensive college is.  Mostly they’re thinking of how to get scholarships.

I listen to Dave Ramsey, and I hear over and over again the stories of young adults graduating from college swamped by debt.  I was one of those kids, I graduated with a mountain of debt.  I worked like crazy to pay off that debt.


I don’t want that for my kids.  I want them to start life debt free, and the articles on thePraxis facebook page share many examples of people regretting the debt they went into to get their college education.

So, when I heard about Praxis as a college alternative I filed it away to learn more about.

Right now I’m listening to an interview by the Praxis founder.  I have to admit I’m intrigued.

Especially as I think about self-motivated learners.  I think about Amanda’s daughter and how this would be great for the careers she’s looking at, and her skills.

Stand out from the crowdMy brother spent years between high school and college with no idea what he wanted to do.  Then he had an internship and KNEW what he wanted to do.

Which has me thinking internships are very valuable.  They also show colleges, if you decide that’s the next step you’re serious about your degree, and makes them stand up and take notice.

That can be very helpful when applying for scholarships.  Good grades are a dime a dozen now.  When I graduated from high school I graduated in the second quarter of my class with a 3.98 GPA.  Over 1/4 of my fellow graduates were above 4.0, I was average and didn’t stand out in scholarship applications.  Not when someone else could claim acing the SAT.

If I’d had a gap year and used Praxis as my college alternative, I would have stood out.  Those scholarships which eluded me, would have taken a second look at my applications.


Amanda’s daughter has a year before she needs to seriously start looking at college and college alternatives.  My kids have several years, but I want to be prepared for when it comes.


When it’s time to look at college and college alternatives, I’ll be looking at Praxis.

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