Homemade Hamburger Helper

I’ve got a few recipes that are my go to recipes for our family, and our homemade hamburger helper is a staple in our family.  And just like you can get different types of Hamburger Helper, you can mix it up for variety in this recipe.

Homemade Hamburger Helper

Homemade Hamburger Helper ingredients

(Amazon links are affiliate links, marked with an *, but quite honestly Amazon prices on this are horrid, go to your local grocery store, I’m just providing you a reference for what I’m talking about)

Meat 1 pound: hamburger, ground turkey, Italian sausage (very yummy), shredded chicken

Thick sauce ingredient: cream cheese, soft cheese, cream of mushroom soup, cream of chicken soup, ranch dressing

Thinner Sauce ingredients: cream, chicken broth or beef broth

Spices: Ranch Salad Dressing Mix*, Onion soup mix*, Taco Seasoning Mix*, Italian spices

Noodles: Tri-Color Rotini Pasta* (this is my favorite), bowtie pasta*, elbow pasta*, cooked rice (I love Jasmine Rice*)


Homemade Hamburger Helper steps

Homemade hamburger helper brown your meat

First brown your meat (or if it’s leftovers heat them up).  While this is going on cook whatever pasta you are going to use.

homemade hamburger helper add cheese

While the pasta is cooking add in the thick sauce ingredient.  I usually add somewhere between 1/2 to 1 cup of this ingredient.

Homemade Hamburger helper add spices

Once the pasta is done, drain it, and add it to the meat mixture.  At this point add in the spices to add more flavor to the recipe.

homemade hamburger helper add cream

Finally add in the thinner sauce ingredient.  This will thin out the sauce and let you stir it a bit better.

homemade hamburger helper add parmesan cheese

As an added bonus you can add in parmesan cheese or feta cheese.

Homemade Hamburger Helper for busy moms

Our homemade hamburger helper is a huge hit at our house.  It’s one of my go to meals for when we are short on time.


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What to do with all those cups?

I don’t know about your kids, but my kids use a million cups each day, and by the end of the day my dishwasher is full and overflowing with cups.  They grab one and then just put it somewhere.

Anywhere.  And my home organization is shot.

Then I find a half drunk cup of milk a week later and it’s gross.  Science experiment gross.

too many cups used each day?  Try cup spot to help keep your cups in place

I was complaining about this to my friend Amanda, and she said, “I’ve got you covered.  Expect a package in a few weeks.”  And just like she said, a package came a few weeks later with these wonderful cup spots, they’re wood coasters and each is customized to my kids.

(Side note, our cup spots are nearly indestructible, my kids are not easy on things and there’s not a chip on them, and I love the wood-burned symbols she did on each.  It’s perfect for us)

cup problem solution

Now, if my kids get a drink, they put their cups on the cup spot, and it’s tremendously cut down down on our dishes.

cup spot so your kids don't get 2 million cups out

Now, this isn’t a perfect solution by any means, because I have to remind the kids still, but it’s an improvement that I can’t even begin to measure how much it’s an improvement.


What little tricks are helping around your home organization?

Fruit of the Spirit craft

Last week in the Sunday School lesson I shared a Fruit of the Spirit mini-book.  We have subs in our class for this lesson, and I didn’t want to throw at them the super complicated version I’m about to share with you now, but I’m super excited because they said they’d be up for doing the Fruit of the Spirit craft.  SCORE!

Fruit of the Spirit craft

Why use crafts in Sunday School?

making Jesus raising Jairus' daughter Bible craft

Much like why you use crafts in any subject whether in church or in your homeschooling, because when your kids start participating in the lesson they get more from it, and remember more of it.

Also, because you never know what they might do with that craft.

Noah's ark craft

My kids frequently take the craft they made and incorporate it into their play at home.  They add in fun details to their story from their Sunday School lesson.

fruit of the spirit craft

Or as happened at my house a few years ago, they might take the craft home and teach it to their younger siblings.  One week one of my student’s mom pulled me aside and said, “We loved the craft you did in Sunday School last week, and then she took it home and taught the lesson to her little sister.”  It’s comments like that which help keep you going in your Sunday School class.

But back to the Fruit of the Spirit craft.


The symbolism behind the Fruit of the Spirit craft

fruit of the spirit craft

I spent a lot of time last week talking about why I chose the people I did for the Fruit of the Spirit mini-book, and the reasons are still true today, and I use the same people for this variation.  But there’s a rhyme and a reason behind my madness (it’s rare, I know).

Fruit of the Spirit craft

I chose a cornucopia to hold the fruit rather than a basket.  We associate cornucopias with Thanksgiving here in America, a time of plenty and food in abundance, it’s also something frequently used to represent overflowing bounty.  Likewise a Christian’s goal is to have the Fruit of the Spirit overflowing.

I drew a wide variety of fruit, and didn’t assign certain fruit to certain attributes because different people associate fruit in different ways.  One person may think of watermelon and think of the joy of eating it during summer and choose to make it joy.  Another person looks at watermelon and thinks of having to be patient for the time of year when watermelon is available.  Another thinks of apples and thinks of the apple pie their grandmother made, and associates it with love.

fruit of the spirit craft

I wanted kids to have the ability to choose what fruit they chose for each fruit of the Spirit.  You should have seen how excited my kids were to choose which fruit went with which person.  It was rather silly really.

Then you could have the fun of making the comparison how each fruit has a very distinctive taste, but you mix them all together into a fruit salad and it blends together into its’ own new set of flavors (I defeat the purpose of fruit salad when I eat it, because I always go through and eat all of one kind before eating the next one, it’s silly I know).

Fruit of the Spirit craft printable


More Fruit of the Spirit craft resources

Last time I gave you a plethora of resources for the Fruit of the Spirit in general, today I’m going to be more specific and share some great Fruit of the Spirit crafts I’ve seen.

Bible and Grammar homeschool curriculum

If you’re homeschooling you’re always on the look for great homeschool curriculum.  You’re also usually looking for ways to combine subjects to save time.  I found a great combination of grammar and Bible and a bit of geography thrown in for good fun.

High interest Bible and Grammar homeschool curriculum

{Masterbooks provided me a free copy of the grammar homeschool curriculum and compensated me for my time.  Opinions are my own, for more info see my disclosure page}


Finding a great homeschool grammar curriculum is tricky


Most grammar curriculum is heavy on busywork or lots of writing.  I’m not a big fan of that because it causes me too many flashbacks to busywork in my own school history.

But, I found Masterbooks Bible and English grammar to be just what I wanted in a grammar curriculum.

Bible and grammar homeschool curriculum workbook

Let’s walk through what a weekly lesson looks like.  That’s the first thing that appeals to me, it’s not a “do this on Monday, and this on Tuesday” type of curriculum.  I always feel defeated with those because I don’t get them done on the days they suggest.

Elementary Bible and English Grammar starts off with a memory verse.  If you’re a fan of Classical style homeschooling this fits right in with the idea of memorizing large chunks of literature to familiarize yourself with good writing.  I’m still trying to decide if we’ll do the weekly memory verses or not.  Each week’s verse is from the same general chapters as that week’s reading selection.


Vocabulary words in Elementary Bible and English Grammar

There are many discussions in homeschooling groups about vocabulary curriculum.  Especially as your kids get older and are preparing for SATs, this curriculum helps your elementary kid get used to learning vocabulary formally early.  I like the amount and number of words per week (4 words), and the variety.


Grammar concepts

Bible and grammar curriculum homeschool

From there each week has a new and different grammar concept for your kids to work on, and gives specific examples from the Illustrated Family Bible Stories.  The best grammar curriculum gives specific examples from real literature, so I was glad to see this included.

There’s some amount of practice work, but not an overwhelming amount and it’s varied each week.  One week it’s a fill in the blank (which I always hated as a kid), and the next it’s writing sentences.  So, there’s something for everyone.  If your kids hate the activity one week, they’ll love it the next.


But where’s the fun in this grammar curriculum?

I’m sure you’re asking this, and you all know I love the hands on learning activities, well this curriculum builds those in there as well.

Bible and grammar homeschool curriculum

Okay, this isn’t of the grammar book, but I had to show off the great pictures and layout of this Bible.

Each week there’s an activity for your kids to do, and like the grammar review, it’s a variety of activities.  From a game one week, to a drawing activity another week.  And I’m sure my kids will love some of the activities for later in the year.

The week is wrapped up with one final exercise that switches between Bible scholars and grammar scholars.  It’s a challenge activity that’s great for the older kids using this curriculum, but will really stretch the 3rd graders using it.


Where to get Elementary Bible and English Grammar

You can get Elementary Bible and English Grammar from Masterbooks website.  I highly recommend poking around there because they’ve got some great materials on their site.  Right now they have a special 26% sale on curriculum sets and FREE SHIPPING on any order over $75.  No Code Needed. Offer ends August 31st.

Masterbooks Gift Card Giveaway!

We’re giving away 2 Masterbooks Gift Cards worth $75 each so you can get whatever curriculum fits your children’s level and interests. To enter, simply fill in the Rafflecopter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Fruit of the Spirit mini book

I love this Sunday School lesson because it can be so interactive, and it brings in a fun bit of church history.  I’ve got a couple of different variations of this lesson, so today I’m going to show you the Fruit of the Spirit mini-book, and later I’ll show you how we did the Fruit of the Spirit craft for this.

Fruit of the Spirit mini book and lesson

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Why a Fruit of the Spirit mini-book?

Most kids can spout off the fruit of the spirit fairly early on in their church going life.  It’s a popular memory verse, and they’re brought up all the time.

But, when you actually get down to the why’s and how’s you get blank stares.  Or some random weird example of their friend’s cousin, who did this thing, or their cat.  Something about a cat.

So I wanted them to have concrete examples for each fruit of the spirit.

Fruit of the Spirit lesson love

Like Jim Elliott for love, who went to a completely unreached people group and gave up his life to tell them.  Then a few years later his widow came to those same people and taught.

Fruit of the Spirit lesson gentleness

Or Corie ten Boom who hid Jews during World War 2 and was imprisoned for it.  Then forgave those who held her captive and killed her family.  I could write a whole book on her, and many people have.  I’m sure she’ll get her own post someday, as I’ve noticed many people I featured already had from this lesson.

Fruit of the Spirit lesson peace

You can talk about Hortiao G. Spafford, who after his entire family drowned wrote, “When peace like a river attendeth my way, when sorrows like sea billows roll, whatever my lot, God has taught me to say, ‘It is well with my soul.’”  I don’t know about you, but that gives me a good idea of what peace looks like.


How does this help the kids apply the Fruit of the Spirit?

Fruit of the Spirit lesson coloring

As I read the story for each person to the kids, sometimes they would shout out, “Wait, that’s like this thing I heard before,” or they would connect it to an Adventures in Odyssey episode they had.

Fruit of the Spirit lesson self control

It really amused me when Batman connected Saint Francis of Assisi to a homeschool history lesson from Mystery of History 2*.  Francis is such an amazing example of self control, he walked away from a life filled with all he could ever want, and embraced complete poverty.

Fruit of the Spirit goodness

But my absolute favorite was the story of Eric Liddell**.  He is the man who inspired the movie Chariots Of Fire*, but I love the story that happened afterwards.  He went to China and was put in a prison camp by the Japanese when they invaded during World War 2 While there he said this, “We are all missionaries.  Wherever we go, we either bring people nearer to Christ or we repel them from Christ.”

** My absolute favorite will change tomorrow, but today I like him the best.

And I’ll leave you with that thought, because I think that perfectly sums up the Fruit of the Spirit, either we pull people into Christ as we show the fruit of the Spirit, or we drive them away.

Fruit of the Spirit mini-book

Fruit of the Spirit resources

For more New Testament letters ideas check out my pinterest board:

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Splash War water Party

So, last year the boys’ had a splash war water party for their birthday, and it’s a great kid activity for the summer.  Most of the supplies you probably already have on hand at your house, and those you don’t are easy to get for this water party.

Splash war water party for kids and adults

Splash War water party supplies

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Splash war water party gather boxes

First head to your local big box store or something like that and ask if you can have their boxes.  We stopped at a Sam’s Club and they were more than happy for us to take away a few dozen boxes.  Our dentist also told us the dumpster behind their office frequently has lots of boxes, so we stopped there as well.  You want a large supply of boxes.

Supplies to buy/check your house for: splash bombs* (this is a 24 pack, highly recommend it), baby pool* (ideally you want one for each team), Water Shooter* (one for each kid, we had this be the party favor), blue tape 2″ wide* (we found the kids were better able to build with this size)


Splash War water party rules

Splash War water party get materials from pile

You have 5 minutes to gather supplies

Splash War water party use blue tape

You have 10 minutes to build your fort.  Reinforce with blue tape as much as you want.

Splash War water party shoot the other team

You have 20 minutes to destroy the other team’s fort.  During that time you may reinforce or rebuild your fort if you want.

Splash War water party for kids

You may not touch the other team’s fort other than with your weapons (so no tackling the fort to destroy it).


Splash war water party tips

We figured out a few things along the way, so if you decide to have one of these, here’s a few tips to help you out.

  1. Water balloons are not an effective weapon and weren’t as much fun as the others, so forget about them.
  2. Have a team of impartial adults to judge which side did better (we had several parents who chose to stick around).
  3. Set timers for each part.  While it seems like a great idea to just let them keep playing, the longer the splash war goes on, the greater chance of feelings getting hurt.
  4. Set clear boundaries for any adults who choose to participate.  The kids loved having their uncles playing, but it’s very easy for the adults to dominate the game.

Overall our Splash war water party was a huge hit.

Splash War water party

At the end we had ice cream sundaes for their “cake” and the kids got to put all the toppings they wanted on it, and then they opened presents, and by that time the 2 hours had passed.  It was a huge hit, and the kids had a lot of fun planning the whole thing.  I highly recommend a party like this.

What happened to the 12 disciples of Jesus

We are almost done with our 2 years of Sunday School lessons!  We are closing in on Revelation, and I am so excited.

What happened to the 12 disciples of Jesus

If you’ve been following along with our lessons as we worked our way through Acts, you probably noticed most of the 12 disciples aren’t mentioned much.  Peter and John get a few stories early on, and we hear about James briefly, but most of the disciples?  Nothing, not a word.


So, what happened to the 12 disciples of Jesus?

What happened to the 12 disciples of Jesus notebooking page

There’s a couple of different ways you can approach this lesson.  If you are teaching older kids what happened to the 12 disciples of Jesus, then you can have them research the answer.  I’ve included a printable that gives them room to write what happened and what church historian is credited with the news.  Some of the 12 disciples our information goes like this, “And we believe they died here.”

But, here’s how I presented what happened to the 12 disciples of Jesus to my kids:

What happened to the 12 disciples of Jesus?

What happened to the 12 disciples of Jesus video lesson

And for those of you like me who don’t want to watch the video, here’s a quick update.  I’ll do this in a slightly different order than I did in the video lesson, instead I’ll cover it geographically.

What happened to the 12 disciples map set up

I taped up a bunch of our laminated wall maps I made.  I wrote the names of the countries I vaguely remembered being important, and then got to it.

What happened to the 12 disciples Peter and Paul

Peter and Paul both died in Rome under the Emperor Nero.  The book of Acts ends with Paul’s journey to Rome, and Paul lived in relative comfort in Rome for two years.  After that it’s believe he was in a high security prison (basically a hole in the ground) for around 6 months, before he had his final trial before Nero and was beheaded.  Peter was crucified upside down, according to church historians Peter asked to be crucified upside down because “I am not worthy to be killed as my Lord was.”  Pretty impressive.

What happened to the 12 disciples John Andrew Phillip

Next, heading over to Greece, several of the disciples headed to this area.  Philip and Andrew both headed over there, separately, and were martyred there.  John also headed to that area, but he did not die a martyr’s death.  After being boiled in oil John was exiled to Patmos.  There he wrote 1, 2, and 3 John, and the gospel of John (all to counteract the heresy of Gnosticism), and then he had his vision of Revelation.  Eventually he was released and moved back to Ephesus.  There he died an old man, who according to church history would sit and tell everyone, “If you love one another, that is enough.”  He was so weak, the believers had to carry him to the church.

What happened to the 12 disciples James

Heading South and slightly East to Egypt.  James headed to Egypt and ministered there until he was martyred.

What happened to the 12 disciples Matthew

Heading further South and a hair further East to Ethiopia.  Matthew ministered in Israel for a while, where he probably wrote the book of Matthew to show the Israelites Jesus was the promised Messiah who fulfilled the prophecies.  Then he headed down to Ethiopia where he was martyred, most likely.  He’s one of the disciples the information is very muddy on.

What happened to the 12 disciples James and Judas

Heading back North up to Israel.  James, the brother of John was the very first martyr because he angered Herod Agrippa.  Judas could not live with betraying Jesus, so he killed himself shortly after Jesus was crucified.

After Judas died the apostles got together and decided they needed another apostle, and picked a man named Matthais.  And that’s all that’s said about him in the Bible.  Church history does not know much about him either.  It’s rumored he died before the fall of Jerusalem, but it’s not 100% sure.  There’s also some debate among Christians if he really was an apostle, or if he was a placeholder for Paul, and others say he died before Paul was appointed an apostle.  We honestly don’t know.

What happened to the 12 disciples Simon

Continuing East and little more North to Persia, Simon headed there after a stop in Egypt.  While there he refused to bow to the Persian gods and was killed.

What happened to the 12 disciples Thomas Bartholomew

Our final two disciples are Thomas and Bartholomew.  Both of them headed to India (separately), and taught people about Jesus there.


This is not a happy lesson, all of these men had painful lives.  This is one reason I tend to believe the Bible is true.  If they all conspired together to hide Jesus’ body and say, “No really Jesus came back to life,” then it is highly unlikely they would go through this pain for a lie.


But what about me, what  does all of this have to do with me?

what happened to the 12 disciples of Jesus pray

I’m glad you asked.  I take this as a reminder to pray for the persecuted church.  There are thousands of Christians throughout the world in places as dangerous as the Roman empire was to the apostles.  So, I take the time to pray for them.  That’s what my Sunday School class will be doing this week.  I’ve printed out a list of 50 countries with information on specific prayer needs for each country.  We’ll be taking time to pray for those countries, and each kid will get a coin from one of those countries to remind them to pray.

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What happened to the 12 disciples of Jesus resources

Next up, Fruit of the Spirit lesson, or you can see the entirety of our Acts lessons.

Plate Tectonics Unit

One very popular homeschool science unit this year was our plate tectonics lesson for earth science (let’s see if you can guess why it was such a hit).

Plate tectonics unit

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Plate tectonics unit: graham cracker plates

Supplies: graham crackers*, Chocolate Pudding*

plate tectonics activity graham crackers

While the kids enjoyed eating the results of this activity, I don’t think they quite got it all together, mainly because I didn’t explain it well, but down at the bottom I’ve linked to a couple of places that handled this activity better than I did.

plate tectonics unit

The idea is to let the kids use the graham crackers and the pudding to push them together to simulate different ways the continental plates hit each other.  But, our graham crackers got soggy way too fast.

plate tectonics unit

Instead, they had fun eating the pudding covered graham crackers, and generally threatening me with messy hands.


Plate tectonics unit: eggshell earth

plate tectonics unit

This plate tectonics activity is what first started getting it through their head, this may have been one of the activities mentioned in CKE Earth and Space* but I’m not sure, and I’m too lazy to go find my book.

Supplies: hard boiled egg, and a hard surface

Once the egg has cooled down enough to touch, and this takes preparation AND remembering you have them.  This is a hard thing for me, so I’d just like to point out I completed the activity and did not leave it half done.

plate tectonics unit

Crush the eggshell, so it’s cracking, but not falling off.  Then move the eggshell around carefully and you can see the pieces of the egg shell are rather like the tectonic plates.  They move around and sometimes push another piece up or down, and sometimes it causes the piece to slide another way.


Plate tectonics unit: printable map

Hands on science plate tectonics unit for elementary

This I know came from the CKE Earth and Space*, and is probably what led to me buying the reproducible download so it was easier to print (and yes the reproducible download is on that same page, in case you’re wondering, it’s totally worth it).

Hands on science plate tectonics unit for elementary

Well, the kids sat there and cut out all of the different continental plates, and after cutting them all out I asked what observations they had, and here’s what they discovered:

plate tectonics unit australia

  • Some continental plates are huge, and some are little.
  • Many of the continental plates are actually continents, but many aren’t.  North America is made up of several plates.
  • The plates split in unexpected places.
  • California really could sink into the ocean.  Okay that was my observation, but it is on a different tectonic plate than the rest of the country.  But, we’d only lose part of the state.

plate tectonics unit australia

It was quite an interesting experience

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Plate Tectonics unit resources

Paul in Jerusalem lesson

Last time in our Sunday School lessons Paul journey to Jerusalem, and had a great time visiting all of the churches he founded.  This week Paul is in Jerusalem and starting a riot.

Paul in Jerusalem timeline activity

What I learned from Paul in Jerusalem

The last few weeks of Acts are a little harder to figure out a direct object lesson.  They’re great stories, and very interesting, but it took me a moment to figure out what I wanted the kids to get from it.

Paul in Jerusalem polite

Then I looked at Paul in the palace.  First I noticed he didn’t give the Roman governor and the King false flattery.  He was respectful, but he didn’t gild the lily.  He also didn’t keep on talking and talking.  That’s a good lesson for me.  In case you hadn’t noticed I can be verbose.  Paul was concise and to the point.

Paul in Jerusalem polite

Next, I noticed Paul had a ready answer to defend himself.  He knew what his testimony was and how to present it.  I’m very thankful my church has worked hard to make sure most of its members have an idea of how to present the gospel and how to give their testimony.


Paul in Jerusalem activities

Paul in Jerusalem activity

I thought about having the kids give their testimony and defense of their faith, but that’s a bit beyond them right now.  They’re right on the cusp of being able to explain that well.  So, don’t be surprised if you see that in the near future.

Paul in Jerusalem activity

Instead we looked at the life of Paul and put the events of his life in order.  The kids did a lot of debating what each picture was (and in the lesson I’ve included a cheat sheet of what each picture is, apparently not everyone automatically knows exactly which lesson the picture goes to).  In the end it was a fun activity that led to a few quick discussions.

Paul in Jerusalem lesson

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Paul in Jerusalem resources

Next Paul journeys to Rome and faces all new adventures.  Head over to the Acts of the Apostles page for the whole series.

Middle Ages peasants unit

To keep our homeschool history going this summer I’m organizing themed weeks.  If you’ve been following my Instagram recently you’ve seen a few pictures of our learning projects for our Middle Ages peasants Unit.

Middle Ages peasants unit for elementary ages

Because most of the activities for this unit are from Time Capsule England I got a few months ago I’m not going to give you in detail information on them, just a here’s what we did.  If you want detailed information on how to complete it, I highly recommend picking up the book, it’s well worth the price.

*Side note, one benefit of going to the Renaissance Festival is eventually you can find a halfway decent picture having to do with peasants.  This particular picture is of Batman at around 4 years old.

Middle Ages peasants unit: housing

We started off our unit looking at peasant housing.  Most houses then were made of waddle and daub, and had dirt floors (dirt floors are cheap and easy).  To cut down on dirt and to help give warmth they made rugs to cover the floors.

middle ages peasants unit rug

So, we started off our unit making a rug.  The kids loved this activity.  Somehow in all our years we hadn’t done a paper weaving activity.

Middle ages peasants unit peasant life

After they completed the activity they went on to make some paper clothes for their toys, a paper version of their toys, and a couple more rugs.  Oh and they thoroughly reinforced their rugs with tape.

middle ages peasants unit walls

Then we made waddle and daub walls.  This was a bit trickier, and much much messier.  Again the kids loved the project, and ended up making several projects using the extra mud we’d made.

middle ages peasants unit

Of course then they turned the porch into mud, and I got all sorts of fun pictures of them playing.  Mind you, their general level of filthiness is probably rather indicative of how Middle Ages peasants looked generally.


Middles Ages peasants Unit: work

I never got pictures of this, but to prepare for the waddle and daub up above I had the kids gather for me bags of dirt.  And to prepare for another project I had them gather bags of rocks.  The rocks are relatively easy to get because we’ve got hundreds of them dug up from trying to plant gardens and other things.  The dirt was harder because our soil is very rocky and clay-like.


Middles Ages peasants Unit: clothes

middle ages peasants unit clothes

In Time Capsule England she’s got some great suggestions for making a peasant costume you can wear, but I just wasn’t up for it right now.  So instead we made paper dolls from Middle Ages paper dolls from Practical Pages.

Once I track down the clipboard, we’ll finish these guys up and I’ll add in beautiful pictures of their paper dolls.


Middle Ages peasants unit: medicine

middle ages peasant unit medicine

My friend Amanda from over at Low Country Eclectic sent me an herbal salve kit to make.  This worked perfectly with our unit, AND let me get a fun hands-on learning project for the kids to try out.  I’ll write a more in detail post about this later, but let’s just say it’s a bit messy, but so cool to do.


Middle Ages peasants unit: food


While the Time Capsule England unit had several different recipes I only managed to make one so far, though I’ve got the materials for a couple of others (they’re mostly breakfast food, and I don’t really cook breakfast, I more blink at the computer as my kids make their own breakfast).

So, we were going to do this yesterday, but then I had Thursday, and Thursday was not a good day.

Middle Ages peasants unit: leisure activities

Did I mention the Thursday?

Middle Ages peasants unit: tradesman

During the Middle Ages most people couldn’t read, so signs had to have very clear pictures so people knew what the store was.  It’s also why so many inns pre-universal reading were such simple names: Prancing Pony, Red Goat, Red Dragon…. It was simple to draw a picture of it, so I had the kids design their own store sign.


While the Time Capsule England unit had a complete unit on Tradesman, I’m collapsing some of the activities into our peasants week because I’m a bit pressed for time, and want to make sure we get to some of the other units.


But, Thursday and actually this week was one of those weeks where we didn’t get things done in a timely manner.  But we went swimming early in the week, so that’s good, and Tuesday turned into the day of meetings, and Wednesday turned into the surprise day of friends over.

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More Middle Ages peasants unit books

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